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100 Side Hustles for Teachers

100 ideas for how to make money on the side , teachers earn extra income with a second job that can be fun and rewarding
A while back we did a post on the second reason teachers get a side job - personal satisfaction. Now we've created an epic list of 100 ways teachers can earn money. Because we all know the number one reason teachers need a side hustle is the money. 
Good news is that teachers have awesome skills and natural talents that lend themselves to so many other part-time careers that can increase their yearly income.

How to Make Extra Money When You're a Teacher

  1. Tutor - teachers, you've got this one!
  2. Curriculum Creator - yep, got this, too. You can build a following on Teachers Pay Teachers or other more niche sites like EduCents.
  3. Travel Agent - put your super organization skills to work for others finding great travel deals, the perfect flights or interesting adventures.
  4. Summer Nanny - there are definitely school aged kids who need to be watched over the summer. They may even need a nudge with summer reading, craft time or a mid-day PB and J. 
  5. Moving Coordinator - You're used to juggling chaos, which makes you a great choice for someone to handle all the details of someone's move...down to registering children for school.
  6. Caterer - love to cook? Put your talents to work on the weekends making spreads for parties large or small.
  7. Wedding Cake Baker - before you do this, look into the regulations in your municipality. If you've got the green light, bring on the fondant and buttercream. Starting out, you might want to do smaller events like showers and birthdays. One teacher who started a cake side business, worked with authors to do a cakewalk when promoting their books at book signings. So much creativity!
  8. SAT Prep Teacher - harness your ability to motivate others in this side hustle that requires expertise in the subject matter and student mentorship.
  9. College Admissions Coordinator - the college admissions process can be heavy handed and some parents and students prefer individualized attention. That's where you step in with your ability to coach winning essays and seek stellar scholarships.
  10. Fundraiser for non Profits - sharpen your writing skills in one of the most sought-after areas - fundraising and grant writing.
  11. Event Planner - if you've ever taken the lead running a school fundraiser, like an ice cream social, bike rodeo or book fair, you have some experience with event planning. Now, take those skills into the world, and apply them to corporate lunches, bar mitzvahs and summer weddings.
  12. Children's Birthday Party Host - no one knows how to command a room full of excited kids like a teacher. You're the perfect person to give white glove hosting service to parents trying to get 10 screaming kids to toss water balloons and pin a tail on something.
  13. Party Favors Maker - most parties have a well thought out theme and therefore need a well thought out favor. This could be anything from a Dr. Seuss birthday to a baby shower to a dog adoption party. Being a bag lady has a whole new meaning.
  14. Blogger with Affiliate Marketing - got a topic you're passionate about, that comes with products or services that you can promote along side? Start a blog, join affiliate networks like Share a Sale and Commission Junction. Watch Julie and Julia.
  15. Design Websites or Blogs - once you get your feet wet with your own blog or website, put all those new skills to work helping others. You can even get deals on themes that you use for multiple sites. Who said teachers aren't tech savvy?
  16. Closet Organizer - do you get mass amounts of satisfaction from organizing? Feed your inner perfectionist by helping others get a grip on their bulging closets. 
  17. Wardrobe Coordinator - have you ever taken 7 clothing items and created 67 outfits...or something like that? Do you know just the right article of clothing that ties a wardrobe together like the Big Lebowski's rug? This is a special skill, and busy professionals will pay you for it. 
  18. Virtual Assistant - like an in-office administrator, but from home. These jobs can be done at home, typically on off hours. Check out HireMyMom.com for legit work from home jobs that can be done around your teaching schedule. And if you're not a mom, don't worry, no one is asking to see your stretch marks.
  19. Copy Editor - you're good with spelling, grammar, TREE diagrams - help someone edit their manuscript, resumé or website.
  20. Vending Machine Investor - find a location, like your own school (cough, cough) and keep it stocked. Cha-ching.

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  21. Sell Handmade Goods at Craft Shows - look for local craft fairs, perhaps one in your school district and sell handmade goods - anything from knitted hats to meat rubs.
  22. Sell Used Items - eBay may be a great place to sell used items from your home, but niche marketplaces are popping up all over the place. Look online and at local consignment shops.
  23. Sell Products on Your Own E-commerce Site - sites like Shopify (Pampered Teacher uses Shopify) make it easy to design an e-commerce website and list products for sale. If you have a specialized niche, or want to make it easy for customers to buy your products, start a business online. You can also use your online store as way for customers to checkout with credit cards when selling at flea markets, craft shows and other events.
  24. Direct Sales Consultant - want to sell products made by established companies through home parties and team building? Become a consultant / sales rep for products such as Jamberry Nail Wraps, doTerra essential oils or Arbonne. Many teachers have left their teaching jobs because these side hustles became more lucrative. 
  25. Public Speaking - there are a lot of things parents and the general public can learn from teachers - ranging from keeping up studies over the summer to successful socializing with peers. People will pay for this specialized information.
  26. Write a Book - whether you aim to educate or entertain, teachers who love to read make compelling authors.
  27. Elderly Caregiving - after being in a hectic classroom, you may want to slow things down and spend quiet time caring for an elderly person. Often they just need someone to talk to, play a card game with or do light chores.
  28. Dog Walking - get in some added exercise and fresh air walking dogs. This is great for teachers who finish their day early!
  29. Dog Photographer - if you love pets, have one of your own or are obsessed with cute and cuddly creatures, start offering your services to snap the perfect pooch shot. 
  30. User Testing - test products, apps or website interfaces and get paid. I actually make extra cash (paid in gift cards) through DIY Research Panel. These places are out there.
  31. Consulting - teachers are experts in many areas of childhood development and can help others outside of the classroom. Determine your specialized skill and put yourself out there.
  32. Family Photographer - yes, you have a way with children, therefore you're a shoe-in when it comes to getting them to cooperate for that perfect photo op. Click, click.
  33. Product Photographer - with independent sellers going into business every day, they have a need for awesome product photography, after all the majority of online sales come down to attractive photography.
  34. Model - do you have a the perfect look to sell a product? Put out a headshot and find out! Many entrepreneurs need a pretty face, or a certain look to represent their brand. You may just be the one. 
  35. Ghostwriting - putting words to paper might be a nightmare for some people, but comes naturally for teachers. Symbiosis anyone?
  36. House Cleaning - want some time to yourself, doing methodical, satisfying work? Do you love the sound of dirt being sucked into a vacuum cleaner? Picking up side work cleaning homes is a great way to work around your schedule for some extra money.
  37. Personal Training - have a passion for fitness? Along with lesson plans you can create training plans and get your groove on.
  38. Personal Coach - anyone serious about a passion, whether it's sports or personal goals, knows that it's not always time that makes the difference, but personalized coaching. If you're someone who really knows how to hone skills (teachers excel at this) and can recognize trouble areas (again, teachers rock in this department) you could have all the makings of a specialized coach.
  39. Walking Club Ambassador - start a walking club in your area where you can motivate other walkers, and inspire with positive stories and recipes shared on the walk.
  40. Design Print-on-Demand Wearables - got a knack for cheeky or heartfelt sayings? Put them on a t-shirt, pillow case, tote bag and more. You can use services like Printiful to create custom wearables that can be designed, put up for sale and not made until an order has been placed. That way you don't take any inventory risk. Sweet!

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  41. Ticket Taker / Usher at Stadiums and Theaters - make some money; get free entertainment. Win, win! These gigs fit your schedule and your lifestyle. 
  42. Restaurant or Bar Help - earning tips on your off hours as a waitress or bartender is a fantastic way to be social and active while earning extra money.
  43. Seasonal Retail Help - stores need extra help during the exact times of year that teachers are out of school. Score some cash and discounts on clothing and merchandise!
  44. Playing Music - stay forever young playing your instrument or singing on the side. It's an incredible sense of stress release and dopamine. Rock on!
  45. Referee or Umpire - love sports? Stay in the game by becoming a ref. Think exercise, excitement and cash money.
  46. Babysitting Resource - if you teach babysitting aged students you're in a prime situation to create a babysitters list that you can sell to parents of young children. I know because when my children were young (almost 10 years ago) I purchased a list of interested babysitters for $25 from a Craigslist ad.
  47. Makeup Consultant - do you know the right colors for different complexions? Do you obsess over the latest nail polish and lip colors. Then you'd be the perfect person to help women improve their look!
  48. Interior Decorator - you've probably rearranged and decorated your classroom a million times (or so it seems). Help others rearrange furniture, pick wall colors or redecorate an entire space. Hello home decor! Just don't call it interior design because for that you need certification.
  49. Membership Site Owner - got a cool club or elite group that's generating quality content and member access? People will pay for exclusive information and networking circles.
  50. Pet Groomer - you can take this show on the road! Make house calls to groom a pet and you won't need the expense of a storefront. 
  51. Financial Consultant - teachers know lots about making their money go a long way. Get paid to help others stretch their dollar, invest their savings and follow a budget.
  52. Home Stager - connect with a local real estate agent to help improve homes that are for sale. You can get paid upfront or contract to earn a commission on the sale of the home. Hint - your work often commands a steeper price tag.
  53. Estate Sale Host or Hostess - are you keen on the value of home goods? Use your fast-acting skills to price goods, advertise and turn a profit for you and the homeowner.
  54. Real Estate Agent - take a few tests to become a part-time real estate agent! Hey, you know you're great with paperwork and people - go for it. One teacher who moonlighted as a real estate agent kept a photo of a home he sold on his desk in the classroom. Hint, hint, wink, wink.
  55. House Flipper - after working with children all day you may want to switch gears and work with your hands. If you rock at fixing things and home improvement is your middle name, check out your local real estate market for some diamonds in the rough.
  56. Standardized Test Question Writer - who's more familiar with standardized testing than teachers! This one requires a resume and a Google search for the company responsible for a certain standardized test. Follow the trail to the application submit button.
  57. Tour Guide - know a lot about buildings or history in your area? Got a little drama queen / king in you? Then you'd love to lead tours and share your passion.
  58. Graphic Designer - do you own Photoshop or Illustrator? Put it to good use creating logos, invitations or shareable images for social media. I actually went to school for graphic design and made my first $400 selling a logo to a local restaurant while still in college. Rent check...check.
  59. Family History Researcher - family lineage is a fascinating subject, but one that can be totally overwhelming. If you love digging for information, mapping family trees and connecting relationship dots, you'll have fun while making money with this assignment.
  60. Family Reunion Coordinator - it's summertime; you're off from school; across America umpteen families are gathering for fun and togetherness. But who ordered the commemorative t-shirts, and the wholesale burgers and booked the gazebo? Maybe you??

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  61. Furniture Repair or Upcycler - do you have vision and craftsmanship when it comes to furniture with great bones? Time can be harsh on solid old pieces, but a bit of paint, elbow grease or sandpaper could flip an out-dated heirloom into a timeless treasure. Look for old pieces at estate sales, consignment shops or garage sales. Or advertise to do commissioned work for people who want their furniture restored. Take before and after photos to entice future jobs.
  62.  Furniture Assembler - Today most new furniture comes in a box with pages of instructions and an Allen wrench. Step up and be the weekend warrior who tackles that to-do list like a champ and for some cash.
  63. Toy Assembler - just like furniture, new toys need to be assembled. Things like wooden dollhouses can take up to 40 hours to paint and glue. What might be a drag to parents could be craft therapy to you.
  64. Bike Technician - good with gears, fixing flats or seasonal tune-ups? Advertise in your neighborhood, near bike paths or with local ride groups to earn some extra greenbacks. 
  65. Personal Shopper - hey, if it's part of your routine anyway, why not pick up an extra load. Stretch yourself a little to pad your wallet.
  66. Wedding Dress Repurposer - this is really a thing. Women harbor their wedding gown in a closet for years - even decades, then decide they want to do something purposeful with it - like turn it into a Baptismal gown or First Communion Dress. How cool, right? You could be the person to do it.
  67. Gift Customizer - everyone loves to give personalized gifts and now with desktop vinyl cutting machines like the Cricut Explore (this is the machine I personally use) it's possible. You can add monograms, graphics and fancy scripts to linens - think tea towels, table runners, totes and t-shirts - and plastics such as tumblers and serving trays. So many possibilities and so much fun!
  68. Pants Hemmer - people come in so many sizes, but our favorite pants - not so much. Get started hemming pants, skirts, dresses and scrubs. Yes, scrubs. Put up a flyer on a hospital bulletin board or old folks home and see what happens. 
  69. Gardener - Summertime time means pools, beaches, vacations. Few are looking forward to planting and pruning, though. But if you're the type who loves digging in the soil, arranging flower boxes or staking the tomatoes, you could spend your summers making extra money in an eco-friendly way. Maintain clients throughout the season with weeding and watering. It's the gig that keeps on giving. 
  70. Plant Grower - got a green thumb? Seeds are inexpensive and with a little time and TLC can be nurtured into seedlings that give a great ROI.
  71. Scrapbooker - capturing memories has fallen by the waist-side now that photos are a swipe away - until they're not. Immortalizing memories can be traditional books with stickers and stamps, or more modern, hardcover books that look like professional coffee table books. For the later, look to companies like Shutterstock and Snapfish and upload memories to be transformed from shoebox scraps to stunning showpieces. Be the one who makes that happen - it's like the yearbook staff, only you're getting paid.
  72. Host a Podcast - there are very few teacher podcasts out there, which means opportunity for those with a mic and a message. To monetize you'll need a sponsor or a membership set up. Could be fun! Doesn't have to be about teaching either - anything for which you have lots of content and passion.
  73. Freelance Article Writer - do a search for publications that pay for freelance articles. Now pitch them. That's how I found the Dollar Stretcher and wrote an article that earned me $55. 
  74. Driver for Hire - Got a car? Join the "share economy" as an Uber driver. Meet some interesting people, give a lift, make a buck.
  75. Casual Landlord - like Uber, but with your home. You can rent out a room or the whole place while you're away. Check out resources to list your place like VRBO.com and AirBnB.com.
  76. Bookkeeper - calling all math teachers...balance the financial transactions of a small business or an individual. Get paid. 
  77. Donate Blood or Plasma - there is a limit on how often you can do this, but it can net you some extra income. It can also detect if you have any issues in your blood like anemia or mono. One teacher who was boosting her side cash by giving blood found out she had West Nile Virus. Just one job perk!
  78. Media Editing - you don't have to be an IT guru to know your way around editing software like iMovie, but it can be a tedious job that companies are happy to outsource. 
  79. Social Media Scheduler - Have you ever heard of Tailwind? Savvy social media posters can schedule to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram through this interface. Spend just hours a week posting content for online businesses in an easy, organized way that earns you money in your pocket.
  80. In-Store Sample Distributor - put your best face forward to represent brands, build customer rapport and monitor movement and interest. Often times you can get these gigs for some of your favorite products like beer and wine. Cheers to that cha-ching!

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  81. Packer and Shipper - sorry you won't be stepping into Bret Favre's jersey. This is someone who fulfills online orders. This is a huge new industry especially as traditional retailers are seeing a switch to on-line sales. Grab some overtime in your sneakers!
  82. Apartment Turn Over-er- hook up with a property manager to turn over apartments from one tenant to the next. Must know how to paint, replace locks, drywall installation and repair, light plumbing, minor electric and make your own hours.
  83. Art Therapist - art teachers, extend your vocation to the elderly and disabled by teaching art therapy classes at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It's a rewarding cause and the compensation tends to be generous.
  84.  Caddying - the golf course may be your field of dreams full of sunshine, fresh cut grass and summer side income. Give it a shot. Golf clap anyone?
  85. Child Proofer - dangers lurk everywhere in the home when it comes to children - things that new parents may not have considered. If you've been through the child-rearing years or have experience as a pre-school teacher, you could make the leap to helping others keep their home safe for their little ones.
  86. Newspaper Delivery - this no longer means the door-to-door slinging like the famed kid in Better Off Dead, demanding his $2. This has morphed into drop offs at supermarkets, hotels and news stands that can be done before the morning school bell.
  87. Gift Wrapper - presentation is everything these days and you could be the one to organize, wrap and color coordinate gifts for holidays and special events.
  88. Medical Filer - just like in school with student files, medical files need to be meticulously filed. Many independent doctors need extra help keeping files orderly and you'd be just the right person to put your alphabetizing skills to work.
  89. Car Valet - with the booming wedding industry, rack up some extra cash parking cars at these venues.
  90. Focus Group Participant - do you fall into an interesting demographic that market researchers would like to hear from - of course you do because the world is full of products meant for all different kinds of people. I once earned $100 to talk about safety and security features in cars because at the time I was driving a car with OnStar. What opinions do you have to offer?
  91. Translator - are you bi-lingual? Translate written materials such as product descriptions and websites; or verbal communications like parent teacher conferences, court cases and interviews. Such a useful skill.
  92. Pool Cleaning - summers off equals the perfect time to earn extra dough cleaning pools and keeping them up to safety standards. You'll need to know how to handle hazardous materials and maintain logs of chemical treatments. Sound like you?
  93. Driveway repairer - another seasonal gem for teachers on the off-season! After winter's freezing and melting, blacktop driveways may have cracks that need repairing. It can be a pain for homeowners and an opportunity for you to seize some money on the side.
  94. Resource Locator - everyone needs something, but sometimes that something isn't that easy to find. That's where resource locators come in to search and search for just the right thing. Google is your friend.
  95. Costume Maker - ever hear a dance mom complain about the cost of recital costumes. Get in on that action! There are so many occasions for custom costumes for people and pets - from Halloween to photo booths to theatre.
  96. Car Detailer - this is another side hustle you can do on location. Detail cars in the owner's driveway. Get paid on the spot.
  97. Up-do Expert - give bridal parties and prom goers in-home hair styling. It's so worth your while when you can do a group at a time.
  98. Food Truck Worker - the summer season sees food truck in full force, which means a need for added staff. Hit the road, serve some food, make some dough.
  99. Advertise for Businesses - this can mean anything from wearing a company t-shirt, to putting a huge magnet on the side of your car to posting business cards on local bulletin boards - like the ones at super markets and coffee shops.
  100. Snow Remover - all this talk about summer, what about winter? Many homeowners get their driveways plowed, but not their sidewalks. Offer to do the sidewalks for a fee. Corner lots can earn you somewhere around $500 for the season (that's how much my son makes). Or if you own a truck, add a front plow to do driveways and larger jobs like apartment complex parking lots.

Wow, that's quite a list, covering the best ways to make money on a teacher's schedule and with teacher talents.

It does take focus and dedication to get these side hustles going, but the challenge and funds can help with finances throughout the year.

Before you leave, be sure to check out our shop for the gifts that make teachers feel like a million bucks. And they're affordable, no reason to get a third job! :)

If you're a teacher with a side hustle, we'd love to hear from you in the comments!

100 side hustle ideas for teachers to earn extra money, find a part-time job or add to their income | See all the best ways on the Pampered Teacher blog  

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