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5 Easy Halloween Costumes for Teachers

halloween costumes for teachers

Let's face it. The best Halloween costumes are the ones that are relatable. Like the year the movie Titanic debuted and everyone dressed up as a monarch in a life jacket. Then there was Queen 

Amidala from Star Wars, with her stripe of lipstick. But when it comes to Halloween costumes for teachers, the classics keep it simple and recognizable.

So here are some of kids' favorite book characters to provide inspiration for some easy, teacher Halloween costumes.

1. Mrs. Wishy Washy - haven't you always wanted to wear fluffy slippers to school?

2. Amelia Bedelia - easy costume that can go along with a lesson in homonyms

3. Harriet the Spy - make composition notebooks cool!

4. Fancy Nancy - maybe with a little less leg

5. Ladybug Girl - so you know exactly how fun it is to wear a tutu


On a personal note, I once volunteered to help in my son's first grade class on halloween. I was dressed as a pirate. It could have been worse. I could have had the back end of a zebra hanging off me or something. Anyway, within an hour I was sweating and frazzled. So, for all you teachers, I wish you some level of sanity on this crazy day.


Happy Halloween!


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