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Easy Hairstyles for Busy Teachers

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easy hairstyles for teachers from Pampered Teacher
The morning routine before school is definitely one of coordinated efficiency. Shower times are schedules, breakfasts are simple (or on the go), clothing is predetermined, but there is one wild card - your hair.
Do you ever have those days where you can empathize with Brittany Spears shaving her head? Days where no amount of hair gel is going to fight the humidity for you. And hair apparatuses don't really like you?
The bottom line is your hair can make or break the stress levels of your morning. So Pampered Teacher has pulled together some "doable" hair dos to help you glide through your morning.

Easy Hairstyles for Medium and Long Hair

One thing that's important when considering new hairstyles is success rate. Meaning - if I do this will it look good or do I really need to have perfect hair and 12 angled mirrors to pull this off? The following styles have the highest success rate and therefore are worth sharing.
1. The Braid Wrapped Chignon from Glam Radar
easy up do for teachers | Pampered Teacher
Easy Big Bow hair style for busy teachers - kid and classroom friendly | Pampered Teacher
3. Hot Iron Hack from Kouture Kiss
hot iron hacks for #teachers | Pampered Teacher
4. The Pretty Pompadour from Beautiful Shoes
pretty pompadour hairstyle for busy teachers from Pampered Teacher
5. Easy Beachy Waves from Hey Wanderer - though the photo doesn't show it, you need to braid, then twist, then press with a flat iron.
easy beachy waves hairstyle for busy teachers | Pampered Teacher
Have you ever noticed how looking good makes you feel good? Here's to great hair and bright smiles!
Pampered Teacher Subscription Boxes are proud to feature a variety of hair accessories. At checkout we ask about your hair preferences. If you're into it we often include accessories like handmade, no crease hair ties, decorative bobby pins and soft elastic headbands. 

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  • Kuldeep Kaur on

    Wow,they look so easy.

  • angle on

    that’s good

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