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DIY Facial Toner Recipe

DIY facial toner recipe from Pampered Teacher
So last week I was at a spa-type party where we got to soak our feet and cleanse our face with a series of beauty products. Heaven on a Wednesday night. The party was hosted by one of my teacher friends and the woman selling the products is a teacher on a one-year maternity leave. 
When my sister-in-law, who is a 5th grade teacher, was on maternity leave she supplemented her income by doing jewelry parties. For some it's an awesome way to not only make extra cash, but to stay connected with friends when you are adjusting to a new life.
Anyway, the party was interesting especially since I was told our face starts to loose elasticity at age 20. Whaat?
One of the products that we used was a facial toner, said to close our pores after washing. That was a little fuzzy to me since our pores are not that obedient. However, the sales woman mentioned that it was made with witch hazel. I happened to have a container on witch hazel in my bathroom. It cost $1.44.

The Benefits of Witch Hazel

The truth is I barely used my witch hazel because I didn't really know how useful it is. Like the following, for instance...
1. It is a natural way to constrict blood vessels, which makes it useful on puffy eyes, bruises and varicose veins.
2. Use it to fight acne because it removes excess oil on your face.
3. It's a natural way to moisturize.
4. Relieve the sting of minor cuts, skin irritations and sunburn.
Okay, who just ran out out and got some?
Now to make your own facial toner - a product that is used between cleansing and adding moisturizer (even though it also moisturizes) you'll start with witch hazel. You could just use it as is with a cotton ball, but we're going to dress it up a little.
DIY witch hazel face spray from Pampered Teacher

DIY Facial Spray Recipe

Start with a 6oz spray bottle (97¢ at Walmart)
Fill it almost to the top with witch hazel
Add a teaspoon of Vitamin E Oil
If you want a nighttime cleanser, add about 5-7 drops of lavender oil
If you want a wake-up, refreshing cleanser, add about 5-7 drops of peppermint oil
free printable label

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the Lavender Label FREE Printable!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the Peppermint Label FREE Printable!

I have trouble falling asleep at night, so I went for the lavender oil. I have sworn by it since my son was a baby. He was a terrible sleeper and my husband and I would use lavender linen spay on his sheets and pillows to get him to sleep. It was so fabulous we traveled with it.

Tips to Share
1. Before you make this recipe in your spay bottle, fill it with water and test the spray nozzle. The first time I used mine it shot a straight stream into my cheek. Go for a light mist; that works best.
2. The next time I purchase witch hazel, I'm going to spend a little extra and get (aff. link) alcohol-free witch hazel.  
3. You may want to buy enough spray bottles for your teacher friends and other ladies on your holiday list! It makes an awesome stocking stuffer!

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