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Teacher Gifts: Handmade Stenciled Coaster

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Handmade teacher gift coaster for all the #1 Teacher mugs she has #teachergift #DIY #pamperedteacher

Come on Teachers, I know you're crafty. Those bulletin boards don't decorate themselves! So now I've got something that you'll really appreciate: handmade gifts that are perfect for your gift exchanges, stocking stuffers or your own craft therapy.

Let me guess, you have a growing collection of #1 Teacher mugs, right? We know you're the bomb, so why don't you make a cute, sustainable coaster to compliment your favorite classroom mugs!

Here's what you'll need

Sheet of cork

Peel and Stick stencils - we like the ones from Handmade Charlotte

All purpose craft paint

Sponge Pouncer


White Glue

Needle and Embroidery Thread

handmade teacher gifts for end of school year or holidays #teachers #DIYcrafts

1. Use a CD to trace and cut a coaster sized circle out of the cork and felt

2. Arrange stencils on the cork to create desired design. Likely you'll need to lift and reposition for multiple placements of the same stencil. This can be done when the paint is still wet.

3. When your paint is completely dry, glue the felt to the bottom of the coaster.

4. Blanket stitch around the edge of the coaster to reinforce the cork and felt bonding - plus it adds a little extra pizzaz. 

DIY coaster for all teachers classroom mugs #teacherappreciation

And no worries, if you don't know what to get your favorite teacher for a holiday gift, you can count on Pampered Teacher to deliver a box of teacher gifts (no lame mugs) handpicked to fit a teacher's lifestyle and personal preferences. *At checkout there are optional questions to help us get to know the teacher recipient better so we can give her gifts she's sure to love!

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