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Recycled Paint Stick Teacher Gift

paint stick craft ideas from Pampered Teacher #DIYcrafts #modpodge

One day I was drinking from a water bottle and without thinking I started scratching my arm with the cap. It felt great. Not to go overboard, but it felt really great. There I said it.

The only trouble it's sort of a clumsy thing to hold in your hand and is at the mercy of my arm reach. So I got the idea to extend my exfoliating itching device into a back scratcher.

But wait, I didn't stop there, I had to make it pretty, of course!

So pretty you could give it to your teacher, because you know she's got your back, why not let her know you've got her back, too. And aren't punny teacher gifts just the best!

Here's what supplies you'll need:

Paint stick

Paint - I used Martha Stewart Camellia Pink Satin

Mod Podge

Podgeable Paper

Sponge Pouncer

Water bottle cap

Drill (hope I didn't loose you, but super glue just isn't strong enough. You need power tools)

Small nut and bolt

Mod Podge crafts with paint sticks

1. Drill a hole through the middle of your bottle cap and at both ends of your paint stick. One hole will be for bolting in the plastic cap so position it where you want it. The second hole is to add a ribbon so you can hang your upcycled back scratcher.

2. Paint one side and the edges of your paint stick

3. When it has dried, position the paint stick over your Podgeable Paper. Trace the outline and cut.

4. Apply Mod Podge to your paint stick and place paper down. Apply more Mod Podge over the top of the paper as a varnish.

5. Attach the plastic water bottle cap with the bolt through the drilled hole.

6. Cut a circle of scrapbook paper to fit in the center of your bottle cap. This will cover up the bolt head.

7. Thread a ribbon through the hole on the opposite end and tie in a loop.

DIY teacher gifts #modpodge #scrapbookcrafts

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