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5 Easy Lunches for Teachers from Pampered Teacher

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5 commandments of teacher lunches from Pampered Teacher subscription box #pamperedteacher

A couple years ago I got mono. And the one thing I remember was my father leaving a club pack of Uncrustables on my door step. In my utter exhaustion and quarantine it was such a welcomed gift. The problem was, as easy-peasy as frozen PB&J was, I had to go back to eating like an adult.

So when it comes to teacher lunches there are a few rules that guide our lunch packing decisions.

The 5 Commandments of Teacher Lunches

 easy school lunches for #teachers from Pampered Teacher

1. It's got to be easy. Let's be realistic; we're not going to make sesame-ginger noodle salad on the fly.

Suggestion: A pastrami sandwich with cream cheese can be slapped together in a minute - and it's not going to leak all over the place.

2. It's got to be age appropriate. The leftover dino nuggets from last night are fine if you want to eat in your car.

Suggestion: Opt instead for a can of chicken breast mixed with a tablespoon of mayo and handful of grapes. 

3. Keep the odor to a minimum. Sushi, curry, fart-smelling broccoli can be a real turn-off.

Suggestion: A mashed chickpea salad is something you can make on Monday and keep in the fridge all week. Then make into sandwiches each morning. Get the recipe here

4. Protein staves off hunger longer than carbs. By eating a protein rich lunch you won't want to take a nap in the teacher's lounge by 2pm.

Suggestion: So eat a hearty mild sausage and save the chocolate chip cookie for the drive home.

5. It can't be messy. Ever try to eat a taco salad in a tortilla bowl without looking like an absolute pig? Seriously, if you think you need to wear a bib or have a spare outfit on standby, the meal doesn't belong in school.

Suggestion: You can't go wrong with greek yogurt, a pepperoni stick and an apple (even if it is cliché).



What's your favorite teacher lunch?



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