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Teacher Trends: 4 Ways to Wear Fingerless Gloves

teacher outfit trends - 4 ways to wear fingerless gloves from Pampered Teacher

When I hear, "fingerless gloves" I get a mental image of a ticket collector at a county fair. And isn't every hobo in old movies wearing fingerless gloves? That's why I really wish these stylish versions could get a better name. Yes, I've heard them called "wrist warmers" but that sounds like something filled with rice that you put in the microwave.

So for lack of a better term, we're talking about trendy fingerless gloves - the kind that is knit, warm and cozy, actually dress up an outfit.

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So if you're looking for some teacher fashion inspiration when it comes to the season's hottest trend, here are some ways that teachers are wearing fingerless gloves...or wrist warmers if you prefer.

1. Rock a cape this winter, and keep your arms warm.
2. When you're out and about, fingerless gloves allow you to transition from outdoors to indoors without needing to take them on and off.
3. Extend the seasonality of short sleeve tops by adding fingerless gloves to your outfit.
4. Keep cozy while grading papers and creating lesson plans.

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Pampered Teacher Subscription Box review from Kate's Classroom Café

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