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Top 21 Things Teachers Do on Snow Days

20 teacher activities on #teachersnowday from Pampered Teacher
One thing the average person doesn't realize is how hard it is for teachers to get personal time off. In most cases it takes an incredible act of nature, like a blizzard. No exaggeration, it really does. So Pampered Teacher asked teachers to share their favorite snow day activities. Here are 20 things they like to do when they're snowed in.

Teacher's Favorite Snow Day Activities

1. Sleep in
2. Catch up on grading
3. Shop online
4. Share photos on Facebook
5. Organize a room or closet in my home
6. Make a crock pot meal that's waiting for me when the shoveling is done
7. Relax in my (neighbor's) hot tub
8. Stay in my pajamas
9. Journal my thoughts
10. Read, read, read, somewhere cozy and quiet
11. Send digital photos for printing
12. Write to a friend
13. Go sledding with my kids
14. Play old or new board games
15. Research warm vacation destinations 
16. Search Pinterest for classroom inspiration
17. Prep for upcoming lesson activities
18. Clean up my inbox
19. Have a fire (in the fireplace) and watch the snow fall
20. Complete an unfinished household project
21. Watch a great movie
Who knows, there may even be a little pampering going on - let's hope!
What do you like to do on snow days? 

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