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The #2 Reason Teachers Get a Second Job

why teachers need a second job - besides the money | #pamperedteacher
It's no secret that a teacher's salary isn't creating independent wealth or envy amongst peers. In fact, 10% of US teachers have a second job, according to the US News & World Report. Now we all know, no one becomes a teacher because they want to spend their summers waitressing or working as holiday help at Banana Republic. They do it for the extra money (and, ahem, discount fashions).
When a teacher looks five years down the road, they will either have left the profession or they will be very close to where they were originally.
And if you're thinking 15 years is going to make a difference, check out this infographic from the Center for American Progress.
But it's not all about money. It's about appreciation. In almost every other profession, individuals are rewarded for their dedication, effort and results.
This is why more and more teachers are seeking additional employment where they can actually be recognized for their abilities. 
"Teacher salaries don't reflect the value of what we do - the central role in students lives." 
10% of #teachers get a second job to fulfill this innate need. Can you guess what it is? #pamperedteacher
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  • It’s so true. Anyone can mindlessly lietsn to a lesson but when you get the questions, that is where the learning takes place.A lot of the text of the Babylonian Talmud is in the context of asking questions and then providing answers just terse enough that the reader can then probe further. It’s best, of course, when done with a partner or group for that reason. Each person can bring up other questions and the learning continues.

  • I see your point. I know many teachers who have two job – esp during the summer. Great chart I’m going to be passing this along.

  • Hi Misty, thank you for your comment. The #1 reason teachers get a second job is to make ends meet. Sorry if that was not clear. It is less known that they also get second jobs because teachers don’t get compensated for their extra effort and dedication and therefore take jobs where appreciation is evident.
    Right now we only offer Pampered Teacher boxes for woman – there just isn’t a demand for male teacher gifts. Therefore we didn’t want to mislead readers to think our boxes were gender neutral.

    Pampered Teacher
  • Hello, while I thank you for writing this post, I would kindly disagree with the premise of the piece. In my home state of Mississippi, teachers make 30% less than other states in our region, require a higher education bracket, annually can expect less and less budgets, their cost of living advances are not reflective in their contracts, and more and more our state teaching union, MEA, is undermined at every corner. So, while some may find other forms of employment for the sheer gratification of the act, the majority of teachers that I know all have second jobs to make ends meet, to be able to afford desperately and needed supplies for their classrooms. Beyond this, you mentioned the following, “Do you know a teacher who deserves some extra appreciation? Order now and we’ll send it right to her door!” My husband is an educator, and he is not a her; perhaps more gender neutral pronouns would be in better taste to this post. Thank you.

    misty overstreet-roberts

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