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5 Valentines Cards From Teachers to Students

5 Valentine's Day ideas for teachers to give students #pamperedteacher

Teachers, if you're looking for a little bit of Valentine's Day inspiration that stays clear of...

  • sugar
  • food allergies like peanuts, milk and chocolate
  • anything boring or overly academic 

...here are some creative, crafty ideas of activities you can give students!

1. Free Printable Valentines word search from Artsy Fartsy Mamma comes in red and pink and has a space for names!

2. Vintage Valentines from House of Hawthornes - your students already think you're old (even if you're 23) so why not reassure them with classic and clever Valentine's cards that you can print out.

3. Heart-shaped Animal Crafts from Morena's Corner are a really cute craft you can do ahead of time and give to the kids or make with them. I love the fox and mouse crafts. You could include a copy of Aesop's fable "The Lion, the Mouse and the Fox for a little added reading.

4. Compliments Collage from Tonya's Treats for Teachers is one of my favorite class ideas. Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion for soliciting compliments from students, for other students. Teachers, you supply the blank compliment cards, large piece of paper for the collage and stickers or washi tape for sticking on each students loot of compliments to make a collage that will make them feel so loved!


5. Magnet words can lead to some entertaining sentence making. Print out some Valentine themed words and attach onto magnet strips that you can buy in rolls at Walmart or craft stores. One side will be sticky for the paper to go right on. Then cut out into individual words. It's fun to put the magnet words into a recycled metal canister and have students pick some out and try to make sentences.

no candy Valentines ideas for the classroom #upcycle

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  • You could make him a book of all your memories teotehgr and put pictures in it as well. You could also buy a picture frame, put a picture of you two in it and then decorate the frame with your song lyrics and memories you share.


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