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school spirit shirt ideas

school spirit t-shirt ideas for school spirit day #homecoming #schoolspirit #PTA
When it comes to school pride we tend to go to any length to demonstrate our support. We'll blast "Be True to Your School" by the Beach Boys, paint our face and get decked out in the school colors.
You may even order or make custom t-shirts to memorialize a big game or to celebrate school spirit day.
If shirts are on your Spirit Day to do list, here are some ideas and inspiration for slogans and graphics for your tees.

9 School Spirit Shirt Sayings

1. It's a __________ thing - insert school or mascot name
2. My heart belongs to __________ and ______________ - insert school colors
3. Home of the _______________ - insert your mascot
4. Kickin' It Old School - followed by name of school
5. We are ____________ - insert mascot name or school slogan
6. School name followed by - Get Up It's Game Day!
7. Bleed _________ and ____________ - insert school colors
8. Property of {School Name}
    Est. 19XX
And because you don't want to forget about the PTA....
9. The Real Moms of {School Name}
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