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Washi Tape Ideas for Teachers

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Washi tape ideas for school, teachers and classrooms #washitape
If you're not familiar with Washi tape, it's decorative tape that's slightly transparent, easy to use and can be applied and taken off without damaging whatever it was stuck to.

Okay, fine, that's my definition. But seriously the thing I most love about it is that if at first you don't succeed, no worries, it comes right off and you can start again. That's what makes it a perfect muse for the classrooms.
Teachers have enough frustration in their day that they don't need to a classroom craft fail on their hands.

So here are some useful and decorative ideas for using Washi tape at School

1. Washi Tape Binder Clips
I'm excited to say that in the upcoming Pampered Teacher Subscription Boxes, we're including a roll of cheerful Washi tape and some binder clips for a little DIY decorating. Sorry if it's a bit of a spoiler alert but there are plenty more surprises in the box!
The easiest way to apply the tape to the binder clips is horizontally. Three strips will do the trick and you can wrap the ends around to the inside of the clip.
binder clips decorated with washi tape and other washi tape ideas for #teachers
They're so cute; they look like little doll purses.
2. Washi Wrist Bands
washi tape bracelets are a brilliant #teacherhack when going on field trips
You may be wondering why you'd want to make Washi Tape bracelets for school. Stay with me here. I read that a teacher used colorful matching bracelets to distinguish the class on field trips. Brilliant, right!
To make these brilliant bangles, cut one strip of Washi Tape 6.5" and a second piece 6". 
If you're going to make them up a head of time, add the back side of a sicker to the .5" of sticky tape.
Washi tape ideas for the classroom | field trip wrist bands help keep the class identified #teachers
3. Washi Name Tags
DIY washi tape name tags from Pampered Teacher
Name tags are a great help for substitute teachers or special school activities. Changes are you have pre-made stickers available, but if you need to distinguish groups using name tags - or for decorative labeling in the classroom, washi framed stickers are a cute option.
Just cut sheets of label paper to your desired size and add the tape to the borders. Simple as that!
washi tape craft ideas for school #teachers from Pampered Teacher
What are your favorite Washi craft projects?

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