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Versatile Teacher Gifts

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Pampered Teacher Box delivers unique and useful products to teachers with their monthly subscription box
We get really excited about finding products that are not only fashionable, but useful in many ways. If you've ever ordered the Pampered Teacher Subscription box you know that we offer suggestions on other ways you can use our stylish surprises.
That's why we're so happy to be featuring the designer pill boxes from Inspired by Dawn. Not only are they beautiful and high quality, they are very discreet. So no one will know if you're taking birth control pills or munching on M&Ms.
When it comes to alternative uses, you can count on us to "think outside the box." 

Ideas for Repurposing a Pill Box

Now first and foremost, this is everything but your grandma's pill box, therefore it can be used in ways that fit your lifestyle. 

Versatile gift you could give a teacher of any age | Shop Pampered Teacher subscription boxes for unique and useful products for teachers
1. The pill compartments can be used for your daily vitamins or (ahem) breath mints. 
2. Remove the pill container and use the box for pens. It's the perfect size!
3. Store and organize your jewelry. Have you ever gotten to work and realized you forgot your earrings. With this you can keep some costume jewelry in your desk drawer for easy accessorizing.
4. Don't let makeup sink to the recesses of your purse or desk drawer. Keep it in this gorgeous box that has a magnetized closure.
5. You know those slender reading glasses? Keep them from being scratched or crushed with this sturdy, durable box.
The Pampered Teacher box is definitely something teachers should buy. Everything in it is so useful.
Look for the Inspired by Dawn Style Rx Designer Pill Box Case in upcoming Pampered Teacher Subscription Boxes! *Supplies are limited!
Teacher subscription box for teachers with style | Pampered Teacher

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