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Earth Day Projects for School Kids

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Can you tell I'm a little excited about Earth Day? Why wouldn't I be? There are so many fun and productive things you can do that help the environment and nurtures quality time with kids.

Let's Get Physical and Eco-Friendly

Len Saunders runs a  program called GO GREEN, GO EXERCISE  that teaches children about protecting their bodies while also protecting their environment. Len is a  distinguished leader in the field of children's health and fitness with over 25 years experience. Definitely check out his programs where he relates the benefits of exercise and recycling.
" Recycling waste helps the environment, and recycling aspects of human functions (oxygen, blood, water) during exercise helps the body."
Here's what you'll really love about Go Green, Go Exercise...on the site you can download free Earth Day worksheets like crossword puzzles and coloring sheets.

Clean to Go Green

We all like a win, win situation, right? Well how would you like a fresh and clean classroom that ties in with a fun, green week activity? 
Former elementary teacher, Gary Downing now owns a Happy Cleaning LLC and he's shared an easy, all-natural cleaning recipe that you can make with your students and use in your classroom!
So if you want to freshen up your circle time rug where you gather to read and listen, we've got the perfect go green activity for you!
DIY Rug Freshener Recipe
Large can, like a salt and pepper shaker with big holes at the top.
three lemons or 20 drops of essential oils - for scent
baking soda
plastic spoons 
1. Pour baking soda into the shaker almost to the top
2. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze all the three lemons for juice that you can on top of the baking soda 
then use the spoon mix in the lemon juice or essential oil into the baking soda.
3. Sprinkle over the all over the rugs 
4. Massage the mix into rug. You can an old brush, which is great for exercise!
5. Vacuum up the residue.
Enjoy that clean, fresh scent!

Ways School Kids can Recycle

This next Earth Day feature is all about activities for elementary school kids. From Kindergarten to fifth grade, the below videos present detailed ideas on how to teach children what can and cannot be recycled, ways to be good to Mother Earth, and projects they can do to reduce waste.
So if you're a teacher looking to plan lessons for Go Green week, or a parent looking to make some earth-friendly crafts, you're in the right place!
You may not know this but I also run a blog about green living. This led me to do some videos for eHow - one is a helpful video on activities and projects that teachers can do with students for Earth Day or Go Green Week.

Earth Day Fun for Kindergarteners

Did you know my mother was a kindergarten teacher for fifteen years? Let's just say I have a real understanding of the interests and capabilities of 5 year-olds. If you're looking for Earth Day project ideas specific to younger children, please check out the next video!

Recycling Activities for Kindergarten -- powered by ehow

Read All About It!

If you watched the above video, and heard about Peanut the Turtle, here is another turtle themed earth-friendly classroom activity. Your students may be worn out from all the cleaning, coloring and cutting of plastic soda can connectors that they may just want to plop down on that clean reading rug and listen to a great book to end their day.

Kathryn Starke, an urban elementary school literacy coach shared with me the perfect book to go along with the week's eco agenda: Turtle Without A Home by Dr. Sharon Gaston and Richard Halttunen. In the book, Ted the Turtle searches for the perfect home after his habitat has been polluted.

Speaking of turtles and pollution (seems to be a theme) here is one more video you may want to see and share at your discretion. View the shocking video.

What Go Green Projects Do You Like to Do with Kids?


  • What a terrific initiative! I love all of these ideas. Getting kids active as well as recycling is so important in today’s world. The younger we teach our children the better adults they will become.

    Rena McDaniel
  • Thank you for making a video. It was nice to “meet” you that way and to see some of your green ideas.

    Karen D. Austin
  • I love all these ideas—especially teaching the little ones at an early age to recycle!

    Marcia @ Menopausal Mother

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