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A Time Saving Hair Product for Teachers

Easy way for working women to reduce the time they spend on their hair in the morning from Pampered Teacher
What is the #1 time suck in the morning? If you answered "hair styling," get comfortable and read on.
I'm the kind of person who likes to get, let's say, my beauty rest. Therefore, I'll sleep to the last possible second, and create ways to reduce my morning routine to the last possible minute.
My clothes are picked out. My keys are found. My breakfast comes from the toaster. Whatever it takes, right!
But when it comes to my hair, I have had some epic fails when in terms of saving time. For instance, a perm. I thought that would be maintenance free. Not really.
I also tried a pixie cut. Not so. 
My friend who is a reading specialist got an awesome hair straightener from her husband and I was so jealous!
But as she and I got around to talking about hairstyles, we agreed the hair products we use affect the outcome more than anything.

Before and After Hair Therapy Treatment

So, Pampered Teachers I have a surprise for you! Arganesse, a daily hair therapy treatment sent us samples to put in the upcoming subscription boxes!! 
But first I had to try it out, of course.
Before and After use of Arganesse hair therapy treatment from Pampered Teacher Subscription Boxes for teachers with style
There I am. (I really need a brow pencil, just saying)
The picture on the left shows my hair after a wash, condition and blow dry. This is basically how my hair looks every day. Then I go ahead and spend another 15 - 20 minutes curling or straightening it.

The photo on the right shows my hair after a wash, condition, Arganesse hair therapy and blow dry.
No other styling was done.
I also have to say, I think I look younger. Something about frizz adds years to your look.
How to eliminate extra time spent styling your hair in the morning | Arganesse hair therapy treatment can be found in upcoming Pampered Teacher subscription boxes
Look for Arganesse hair treatment in Pampered Teacher subscription boxes or check it out on Amazon!


  • This is great! Your hair style and how it looks “every day” is pretty much the same as mine. I need to try this. I also am a fan of beauty sleep and brush my teeth while running down the hall. In fact, sometimes I don’t even look in the mirror before I rush the kids out the door. Then I get a nasty surprise later in the day ;-) This could help alleviate that! Great post.

  • Thanks for the great tip! As a former classroom teacher, I remember the frantic pace of the day and know that time saving ideas are valuable.

  • Wow, amazing results from this one product. Anything that shaves time from my morning routine is worth the investment! :)

  • This product looks amazing! As a former teacher, I love the idea of the subscription boxes, and I think this would definitely make a great addition. What woman doesn’t want to speed up her morning routine?

  • I have used Argan oil in my hair and it really does provide moisture without being too heavy. Your hair looks really nice and smooth


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