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Sunglass Trends

2015 eyewear summer Sunglass Trends Sunglasses Trends

Hot sunglasses trends for working women #workclothes #fashion

Fashion trends in sunglasses can range from whacky to tacky, but the hottest styles 2015 are cool and sophisticated.

Let's face it, as professionals, we want fashion without flashy. We want to strike the balance between comfortable, affordable and stylish.

One of the hot trends in eyewear this year is my favorite style of all time (find out below). So I was actually searching on the internet for a pair that was in my price range ($10 -$20). I found exactly what I wanted at Style Era boutique

It gets better.

I reached out to the store owner, Elizabeth, and she sent me a collection of her swank sunglasses that all meet Pampered Teacher's criteria on price, quality and popularity. 

So are you ready to see what's trending in sunglasses this summer?

4 Sunglasses Trends for Summer

1. Classic White

These time-honored shades pop with their bright white frames, featuring metallic accents.

Classic sunglass styles for summer from Pampered Teacher and Style Era Boutique #fashion #teachers

2. Oversized

Who doesn't love super-sized specs? Well not Pee Wee Herman sized but just enough to keep your eyes protected and hide your crow's feet. Go big or go home, right!

Hottest Trends in Sunglasses in 2015 @StyleEraBtq

3. Retro

From Mad Men to Magic City, the American culture still can't get enough of the styles from the 1960s and '70s. These cat eye sunglasses are a true retro throwback with contemporary charm! These are the glasses I mentioned above that I found in my internet search. I L O V E them. And they come in both black and leopard frames.

look for @StyleEraBtq sunglasses in the Pampered Teacher Subscription Box!

4. Ombre Lenses

We've seen ombre hair, ombre home decor and ombre nail art. The gradient tonal trend has made its way to fashion sunglasses like these.

Along with the lenses being gradient, they are UV 400!

2015 Sunglasses trend | Ombre lenses featured in the Pampered Teacher Subscription Box


Pampered Teacher is proud to feature these fashion forward sunglasses in our upcoming subscription boxes. They're perfect for field trips, bus duty and playground time! 

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  • Cristin @ Pampered Teacher on

    Thank you for all the great compliments. That means so much!

  • Rhea on

    They are all super cute!

  • Teodora on

    I like and would wear all of them but the ombre are definitely my favorite. What a great find!


  • Tammy on

    I am super excited about these sunglasses. I’m heading over to Style Era Boutique right now to check them out.

  • Sophia on

    I love the ombre sunglasses, they are my favourite, i think the oversized ones look really nice on you

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