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Teacher Outfits | Summer Scarves

4 ways to wear a summer infinity scarf | perfect for summer work clothes, teachers in hot classrooms. Look professional but stay cool.

Over the last decade scarves have had a strong hold in career fashion. But who wants something hugging their neck on a hot day?

Especially in the classrooms of America. News flash: most are not air conditioned.

But when it comes to hot weather and a professional wardrobe, we have an idea that works.

5 Ways to Wear a Summer Infinity Scarf

Work clothes were designed for one perfect temperature - 72 degrees. In the warm months that bookend the school year, classrooms are subject to whatever the breeze blows in.

I remember being dressed as a pirate for a 1st grade Halloween party. Between the body heat of 24 overly excited kids, class activities and the blessings of a sunny day, I had all I could do no to strip down to my underwear.

We all know by now, school gets hot. And there is only so long we can retreat to the computer labs!

So here are some stylish ways to fashion you infinity scarf in hot weather.

1. Belted Single Loop

 wear an infinity scarf with a belt for a slimming look that broadens the shoulders and tapers at the waist |Great for Teacher outfits and Work wardrobe

If you're not a fan of belts or waistlines, this look is still worth a try. The way the scarf drapes over your shoulders and tapers towards your waist is visually slimming. Another bonus is the loose scarf drapes on your sides to hide any bulges. Gotta love that!


2. Double Loop

 wear an infinity scarf to hide a casual neckline; in summer it's softer and more comfortable than a chunky necklace

Though this is probably the most obvious way to wear an infinity scarf, let's point out that it hides a casual neckline and is softer and more comfortable than a chunky necklace. Double down on that!

3. Capped Sleeves

Fashion an infinity scarf into capped sleeves to wear over a sleeveless dress in summer or with a camisole.

To get this look, rest the scarf over your shoulders as if wearing it like a single loop. Then with the slack that hangs down your front, twist to form a second loop that goes over your head. This looks so good over a sleeveless dress in summer or with a camisole.

4. Shawl Scarf

wear an infinity scarf as a shear shawl - a look that could easily be coined the summer blazer

Simply put your arms through the scarf without putting it over your head to get this shear shawl look that could easily be coined the "summer blazer." The look is so feminine and professional, yet cool and comfortable.

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  • Me, too, Judy! Scarves are so accommodating to temp changes, skin coverage and overall style!

    Cristin @ Pampered Teacher
  • I love scarves for any season.

    Judy Freedman

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