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Teacher Gifts: Cross Stitch Kits

cross stitch jar crafts
With the end of the school year right at our heels, we are excited to announce our DIY counted cross stitch jar kits!
We have 3 teacher-friendly designs to choose from. The kits come with the cloth, thread, fiberfill, jar, lid and instructions needed to make these handmade mason jar gifts.
DIY cross stitch kits for book lovers and teacher gifts for end of year or back to school

How to Make make a Cross Stitch Jar Craft 

  1.  Fold the aida cloth in half both ways to find the center of the cloth. This will help determine the center stitch so your design is centered on the cloth.
  2. Follow the counted cross stitch instructions until your stitching is complete.
  3. Position the puff of fiberfill on top of the jar lid and place your cross stitch over it
  4. Flip it over and tape the corners of the cloth to the under side of the jar lid
  5. Pop the lid into the jar ring and then twist it onto the jar
Work in Progress how to make a decorative cross stitch mason jar lid craft
    The designs are 2" x 2" in 16 count aida cloth.
    $10 cross stitch jar craft kits from Pampered Teacher
    or if you'd rather, have instant access to all three cross stitch patterns for only $2.97

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