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Makeup Tips: Blue Light Protection

blue light protection for your skin from Elysée Cosmetics to be the featured beauty product in upcoming Pampered Teacher subscription boxes
You know what's great about getting an age spot on your forehead?
Well, except the fact that you can do something about it!
After I tested out the skin firming créme from Elysée Cosmetics they asked if I'd like to test their Youth Span Enviro-Sheild Tinted Veil. 
I was like heck yeah. I love their firming creme so I definitely was up for using more of their beauty products that are proudly made in the USA.

What is Blue Light Protection?

First of all, before I received the Enviro-Sheild product, I was unfamiliar with blue light, also known as high-energy visible light. It has nothing to do with flash sales at K-mart.
So to fill you in, it's the blue spectrum of visible light (400 - 500 nanometer).
Still quite technical for my liking.
Basically it's the light that causes damage to your skin and eyes.

Anti Aging Defense, Moisturizer and Sheer Color

Anti aging make up that protects against harmful blue light and goes on sheer with a tint of self adjusting color | Featured in Pampered Teacher subscription boxes 
On top of the anti aging properties, I am really excited about this product's sheer color. 
I took a photo of me wearing matte foundation and I looked like a corpse, so that got deleted.
Last year I stopped wearing foundation because it seemed to add texture to my skin, which enhanced my wrinkles and, like i said made me look like death.
I love that the  Youth Span Enviro-Sheild Tinted Veil goes on like a moisturizer but gives your skin a wash of color that self adjusts, isn't overwhelming and has no texture to it.
All you need is a tiny bit that smoothes out across your face. You can apply extra layers of coverage if you prefer.
Youth Span Enviro-Sheild Tinted Veil now being featured in Pampered Teacher subscription boxes
Learn more about  Youth Span Enviro-Sheild Tinted Veil from Elysée Cosmetics  ($14.25) 
and look for it in upcoming Pampered Teacher subscription boxes!


  • Wow! Sounds like an awesome product. We can all use some help slowing down the aging process. I hate wearing foundation so this product sounds perfect..

  • Yes, I’m loving this foundation/moisturizer/sun protection!

    Cristin @ Pampered Teacher
  • Wow this sounds fab! I’m checking into this product for sure! Your skin looks amazing!

  • Besides the fact that you are such a fun read, this sounds like a product that would suit me. I’m not a heavy makeup wearer but I do sit at a desk indoors a lot…way too much! The price is definitely right, too.

    Thanks for the tip and the entertainment!

    Cheers ~

    Ree Klein
  • I hadn’t heard of these products, either. But your description definitely makes me want to get my hands ( or face!) on some. Sounds like an excellent addition to the boxes.


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