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Essential Oil Lip Balm

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Only NatCHeryl and Pampered Teacher partner to bring teachers the best essential oil lip balm made of organic ingredients, proudly handmade and found on Etsy and in upcoming teacher subscription boxes

This summer marks 14 years since I met my husband. At the time I lived in Chicago, and met him while staying with my family in Buffalo. That fourth of July weekend in Buffalo was ridiculously cold. So cold, I had to go to the mall to buy pants because I hadn't brought any warm clothes with me. Because it was July!

On my way out of the Gap, I saw some rainbow sherbet lip balm. I bought it. Why, because I had just met the man I knew I was going to marry, and for that I wanted the sweetest lips.

I've grown up a bit since then and must admit, what I put on my lips is more for me than him. (Sorry, honey.)

Lip balm isn't just protection from sun, wind and constant licking of the lips. With the addition of essential oils, lip balms have healing properties, mood enhancers and energy boosts.

Only NatCHeryl sent me samples for review and distribution in the Pampered Teacher subscription boxes. All opinions are 100% my own.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Organic Lip Balm

If this is a summer of love for you, you're going to want to choose the Sweet Orange lip therapy as it does have mild aphrodisiac properties (Woot!). Orange essential oil also has antiseptic properties. So should you have a cut or crack in your lip, apply this glossy shine that protects against bacterial infection! 

Rosemary Bergamot Essential Oil Organic Lip Balm

There's no need to be self conscious of your morning coffee breath. The rosemary oil in this sophisticated balm is known to remove oral bacteria while its partner Bergamot inhibits the grown of germs. And when stress elevates, rosemary oil has been proven to actually decrease the level of cortisol in saliva, per Organic Facts.

Mint Mojito Essential Oil Organic Lip Balm

You may think of mint essential oil as a stimulant for blood flow, and you're certainly correct. However, its real superpower is in pain relief. The scent of peppermint oil can relieve headaches and nausea. So if your brain is on overload, give your lips a cool sensation and let the aromatherapy clear your mind and increase your focus.  

The three organic, essential oil lip balms above are the handmade creations of Only NatCHeryl found on Etsy ($2.50 each). All her products are made with all natural ingredients and contain no Phthalates, BPA or petroleum based products.

They also smell incredible. When I received the package in the mail I immediately put it to my face like a cool wash cloth on a hot day. The smell is so soothing. 

We are proud to feature these lip balm samples in upcoming Pampered Teacher subscription boxes!

Teachers, this is not your student's lip balm.

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  • MArgaret on

    Great info, I wasn’t aware that lip balm could have aroma therapy properties!

  • Oluchi on

    Great and very informative review. I just might try some myself. Thank youu

  • Cristin @ Pampered Teacher on

    That’s great, Tammy! Thank you!!

  • Tammy on

    Cristin, you made these sound so enticing, I’ve already been to the Etsy shop and purchased some!

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