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Purse Organizer Insert

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book lovers purse insert organizer for reading essentials on the go. Protect your e-reader, note pad, and reading glasses with this roll and go organizer Made in the USA
There are days when I swear I could pull a coat rack, wall mirror, potted plant and floor lamp out of my purse like Mary Poppins.
It seems there's an endless abyss of things floating around in there.
Expect when I pull them out, they're not shining and perfect. They're covered in crumbs, pen markings and hand lotion.
The contents of my handbags could pass for a mini scratch and dent sale.
Do you share my pain?

Organizer Inserts for Your Purse or Handbag

Purse pockets are great. And you've gotta love little zippered makeup bags. 
But what about bigger items, like e-readers, note pads and reading glasses?
If you want to keep them together and protected, Cargot has come out with a book lover's tote that acts as an e-reader protective sleeve, note pad pouch and glasses case or pencil case in one.
Beyond being a clever teacher gift, it's proudly made in the USA.
So if you're in a book club, or love to read on the go, you'll love this tote.
And if you're not into travel reading, the versatile pockets can be used for beach essentials like sunglasses, sunscreen and a change of under garments.
Versatile purse insert organizer for large items like beach bag essentials, reading materials and discreet underwear storage
There is a second purse insert that's specifically for personal care items. Twelve little pockets roll up to store all your toiletries. It snaps securely closed but you can also hang it when accessing your beauty supplies.
I love that you can fit a lot of products in this organizer!
Roll and go purse insert is a perfect organizer for personal care products on the go. Easy change purses or handbags while having your beauty products protected and easy to get at.

About the Fabric

Yes, the fabric used in these sturdy, eco-friendly purse inserts is worth mentioning.
Eco how? The canvas is made from pre-consumer recycled cotton. 
What exactly does that mean?
Okay, so I find this really interesting. The fabric is made from scraps from the t-shirt manufacturing process here in the USA. The waste fabric is blended and woven to create these rich, beautiful colors.
If you look closely you can see bits of orange in the pink and blue in the brown and yellow in the green canvas. No new dying is required.
We are proud to feature these stylish and useful purse inserts in upcoming Pampered Teacher subscription boxes.
You can also find them on Amazon: Large Purse Insert ($19.99) and Toiletry Purse Insert ($18.99)
How would you use these purse organizers?

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