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DIY Magazine Holders for Teachers

Make classroom organizers for folders and notebooks with Brothers All Natural corregated boxes. Get coupon code for the peanut-free snacks at http://Pamperedteacher.com/news
If you are working on getting your classroom a bit more organized, here's a happy coincidence for you. The 12 pack of Brother's All Natural Fruit Crisps come in really sturdy, perforated display boxes that are the perfect size for storing and organizing folders and notebooks! 
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DIY magazine holders from upcycled packaging - perfect for teachers!

How to Decorate Cardboard Magazine Holders for School

The packaging on these peanut free snacks is perforated so you can remove the top of the box and are left with the angled display box. This makes it perfect for classroom use!
To cover up the packaging graphics you will need the following supplies:
Construction paper or colored card stock
Double sided tape
Alphabet stickers
How to decorate cardboard magazine holders for the classroom
1. Trace the sides of your box on to the colored paper. Leave a bit extra on the ends to wrap around the corners.
2. Cut out the paper, starting with the front panel.
3. Adhere to the box with double-sided tape.
4. Label the front with contrasting letter stickers or labels.
As you can see in the photo, these boxes are corrugated, making them much thicker and stronger than cereal boxes. Plus, the perforations mean that you don't have to hack through the cardboard, hoping both side come out looking the same. They're perfectly perfect!
And don't forget, you get a yummy, healthy, classroom snack in the process!
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Save 10% with coupon code PamperedTeacher10 

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