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Clothespin Crafts

Organize your classroom with decorative clothespins for Daily 5 reminders
Do the words back to school remind you that you haven't unpacked your bag from the last day of school yet? Or are you the type who is gearing up for a successful and organized 2015 -2016 school year already?
Regardless if you have everything planned or you are rushing last minute to get everything together, this is the perfect craft if you’re seeking some crafty inspiration this summer. 

DIY Clothespin Craft for Back-to-School

Supplies: some you may already have, and most you can get at the hardware store!
Back to school organization tips with decorative clothespins
Foil Craft Tape (technically used for taping dryer pipes)
Darice® Embossing Folder
Heavy duty glue (I used Liquid Fusion)
@Darice_crafts embossing folder used to emboss foil craft tape for decorative clothespins
    1. First, insert the double sided foil into the embossing folder and run a blunt object over the top to emboss the foil.
    2. Cut the embossed foil to fit over the top side of the clothespins.
    3. Remove tape backing and place on clothespin
    4. Flip the clothespin over and glue the tack onto the backside of the clothespinClothespin crafts with embossed foil craft tape from Pampered Teacher
When the glue is dry (2-3 hours), insert tacks into your cork board to hang papers, name tags, bathroom passes and other classroom supplies that get posted and removed often.
    Don't have a cork board?
    This craft project can easily be modified for alternative surfaces such as whiteboards, filing cabinets and walls. Simply swap out the tacks for adhesive back Velcro circles or magnetic strips. This gives you the flexibility to replace or exchange your clothespins.
    Also, if you'd like to get organized with some fancy clothespins, here's some more clothespin ideas for the classroom.

    5 Uses for Clothespins in the Classroom

    5 Alternative uses for clothespins in the classroom | Back to school organization tips for teachers and students
    1. Identify cords
    2. Hang artwork and projects that need to dry
    3. Bookmark
    4. Hold a book open
    5. A pencil rest
    *Bonus: Get double duty out of clothespins attached to the wall by using the clip part on the bottom, and the pincher on top as a hook.
    If you want to get your students involved in the classroom décor, make it a classroom activity! Simply hand each student his or her own clothespin where they can decorate the clothespin anyway they see fit. Be sure to have a relatively wide selection of materials such as: markers, glue sticks, glitter, and safety scissors. When your students are finished expressing their creative freedom you can use their clothespins to hang various assignments over the classroom.

    Clothespins out of the Classroom

    Remember clothespins can spice up your home as well!

    We all have that issue of running out of space to put pictures and somehow all our family photos get hidden in an album where they become lost forever, never to be seen. Clothespins are an easy solution to celebrate your favorite memories, as well as share your favorite memories with whoever sets foot into your home.

    Don’t you just love accent walls? Continue reading to find out how you can achieve the look below:

    Clothes pin crafts for DIY home decor and decorating dorm rooms. Get more ideas at PamperedTeacher.com

    What you need: (NOTE: All these products can be found very cheap at any department store or your local dollar store) 

    1.    Clothespins

    2.    A roll of twine or yarn

    3.    Scissor

    4.    Adhesive hooks

    5.    Adhesive strips

    6.    Lanterns or lights (optional)

    7.    Inspirational wall art (optional)

    First decide how much wall space you have to create your accent wall. Try to choose a wall that has a lot of empty space and isn’t being blocked by any furniture.

    Next measure the length for the yarn by placing it up against the wall. After the length is measured cut the desired length using the scissor. If you want multiple strings of pictures, cut as many pieces of string necessary to fulfill your vision.

    Take two adhesive hooks per piece of twine. Take one end of the twine and tie a knot around one of the adhesive hooks. Repeat with the other end of the twine.

    Repeat both steps until you are finished with all the precut twine.

    There are multiple ways to go about the next few steps, but I found that the easiest way to complete the craft is to attach the twine with the hooks to the wall before attaching the pictures and the clothespins. After all the pieces of twine are hung on the wall.

    Sort through your favorite pictures and choose the ones you want to include in this accent wall. Although it may be hard, try not to choose too many pictures because you don’t want the accent wall to be overwhelming. Try to keep each a maximum of 15 pictures per string. (Remember the amount may vary depending on how small or large the space is).

    Take one clothespin per picture and attach it to the string. Try to space the pictures out as evenly as possible. It is easy to see how the pictures are spaced out if you take a step back away from the wall. Now brace yourself, this is where things start to get fun! You can add anything that represents your personality or your family’s personality. I added lanterns on top and some cute inspirational quotes.

    The best thing about this part is that you can get creative: add your own artwork, your favorite posters, your children’s artwork and the list just goes on and on!

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