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Super Cute Crispy Treats: Book Review

Super Cute Crispy Treats book review
This week I received in the mail, Super Cute Crispy Treats, by Ashley Fox Whipple, blogger at Cute as a Fox. All opinions are 100% mine.
Before I get into the book, there is something you should know about me. Marshmallows used to terrify me. I was afraid they'd be stuck to everything in my kitchen and I'd ruin every pot, spoon and sponge involved in the "Crispy Process." I learned that butter is my friend. And in her book of almost 100 rice crispy recipes, Ashley gives helpful tips that pave the way for treat success.

Crispies Are Not Just Edible Crafts

I'll admit, when Ashley reached out and asked if I'd review her book, I said yes because it very much appealed to my crafty side. Sculpting cereal is ridiculously fun. There, I said it. Crispy treats are like mini canvases and models in one!
This book will not disappoint when it comes to new ways to mold, model and pipe on frosting. 
But let me just warn you, there is a whole new world of delightful desserts awaiting.
Like her picture perfect creations, her ingredient list does not skimp on creativity.
Some of my favorite ingredients:
  • strawberry gelatin
  • sweetened condensed milk
  • caramels
  • orange extract

What to Expect in this Extraordinary Recipe Book

I don't know about you, but we're reaching the dog-days of summer and I'm not too excited about turning on my oven. No sweat, all these recipes are no-bake!
The book includes chapters on crispies on a stick, holiday themed crispies, special occasions (Hello, Piña Colada treat!) and alternative treats, to name a few.
If your family is gluten-free or peanut free, you will love the variety that this book offers. Some of the recipes even call for coconut milk, coconut oil and honey.

Not Just for Kids

When you think of crispy treats, you probably think of elementary school classrooms, kid's birthday parties and summer picnics. Yes, they're all that and a bag of licorice.
However, this book contains some very interesting applications that definitely kick up the class a notch.
For instance, Crispy Canolis - they're as chic as the sound. The coconut snow balls are an adult crowd-pleaser. And let's not forget the sweet trail mix. 
Yep, these crispy treats recipe collection has something for everyone.
Teachers can have a classroom-friendly treat. Parents can get crafty with themed birthday party treats. Hostesses can whip up a new twist on a classic dessert that won't go unnoticed. And if you participate in a cookie exchange over the holidays, look no further for some easy peasy inspiration.
Check out  Super Cute Crispy Treats on Amazon! (aff. link)

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  • Great review! And what a fun book. I never would have thought to write a book about crispy treats. Great idea for a cookbook!

    Sandra @ Heavenly Home Cooking

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