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How to Naturally Whiten Teeth

How to naturally whiten your teeth
As you may have heard, last Friday we debuted the Back to School box, full of great products to kickstart an awesome new school year. In our boxes we usually include a beauty product - because let's face it ladies, looking good makes us feel good, right!
So with meeting new parents, open house and all the other first impressions you'll be making in the next month, we reached out to Perla Coco, an exciting new company with a new twist on an ancient beauty secret - oil pulling.

What is Oil Pulling

According to CNN sources, oil pulling for teeth is a method of  using liquids such as coconut oil in the mouth for health purposes. Two ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts reference this procedure for oral health.
With Perla Coco's reinvented formula, you get to experience a fresh mint taste in a very smooth liquid.

A Natural Way to Whiten Teeth

When I first heard of oil pulling and discovered Perla Coco, I knew this was something that I wanted to share with the Pampered Teacher subscribers! They sent me bundles of three individual uses to get you on your way to a healthier smile!
Keep in mind that all opinions are 100% my own.
Before I go into how to use Perla Coco, I want to let you know it has way more benefits that I ever realized.
  • whitening your teeth
  • clearing gingivitis
  • removing bad breath 
  • reducing the bacteria that causes tooth decay
You should also know it's...
  • Made in North America
  • All Natural
  • 100% Organic
About 7 years ago I had a teeth whitening procedure done through my dentist. I put this poisonous tasting white substance in my plastic retainer (think Invisalign).  I had to keep this terrible stuff in my mouth for an hour. Recently I found my teeth whitening kit from the dentist, but decided not to repeat the procedure because I just knew it wasn't good for me.
Needless to say I'm thrilled to know there is an alternative to harsh, awful whiteners.
Perla Coco tastes like fresh mint. And it's nothing like the popular brand mouthwashes that we're used to. It's light, natural and extremely refreshing! Most of all I love that it's not just for my teeth; it's a healthy boost for my whole mouth.
So here I am trying out Perla Coco. It's funny because I had my son taking the photos of me and I was trying to "art direct" with the stuff in my mouth, unable to speak and trying not to burst out laughing. 
Also note the directions are to rinse the contents for 5-15 minutes.
New, all natural, organic teeth whitening product proud to be featured in the Pampered Teacher subscription boxes
We are proud to Feature Perla Coco in upcoming Pampered Teacher boxes while supplies last!
To learn more about Perla Coco or to purchase an oil pulling pack visit their website.


    • This stuff sounds great! I remember using a teeth whitening kit from the dentist similar to the one that you mentioned. It did the job but was definitely a hassle. This seems much easier and much healthier.

    • I can see me doing this during the morning announcements!


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