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How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf tea that's organic and made in Oregon; a perfect blend for teachers and book lovers who want to brew a relaxing cup of tea while they get to work
Here in the northeastern part of the US we're starting to feel the nights getting cool again. It's perfect sleeping weather and time to start thinking about our favorite hot beverages.
As the sun is setting earlier and we're getting into the back to school routine, let's get cozy with a really great cup of tea.
I've actually been thinking about awesome tea since last May when Andy, the owner of Plum Deluxe asked me if I'd be interested in trying his organic loose leaf tea. I didn't hesitate for a second. I'd never had loose leaf tea and welcomed the opportunity to experience something truly exceptional.
Loose leaf tea infuser with a glazed ceramic bead from Pampered Teacher

Brewing Loose Leaf Tea with an Infuser

At the time that I tried the organic Reading Nook Blend black tea, I didn't have an infuser. To work around that I put 1 teaspoon of looseleaf tea in my coffee pot, brewed the water through my coffee maker and strained the tea out as I poured it into my mug. 
Yes, this method works, but it's not ideal.
I highly recommend an infuser.
That said, here are tips for how to brew your loose leaf tea at home (or at school).
  • Ratio of tea to water: 1 heaping teaspoon to 10oz of water
  • Recommended water temperatures: 212° for black and herbal teas; 175° for white and green teas
  • Ideal steeping times: black tea 3 - 5 minutes; white/green tea 2 - 3 minutes; herbal 6 -7 minutes

Our Favorite Loose Leaf Tea from Plum Deluxe

Plum Deluxe generously sent samples of their Cuddletime herbal tea and  Reading Nook Blend black tea to be included in future Pampered Teacher subscription boxes! Keep in mind, all opinions are genuinely mine and are first-hand accounts of tea I have taste-tested myself.
Reading Nook Blend black tea - there is a reason this tea is a best seller. It's aroma therapy and inner tranquility in a cup. This one is caffeinated, but with lavender and chamomile it keeps you relaxed and awake. I find it to be the perfect tea when you want to embark on a pile of papers that need to be graded, essays to be read or other work that requires concentration and focus.
Sunshine in a Cup herbal tea- a caffeine-free floral blend that beats the blues. It's the perfect "night cap" for a yucky day that desperately needs to end with a smile. 
Self Care Elderberry Apricot tea - talk about pampering! This was an unbelievable treat that combines sweetness and tartness with such sophistication. On the Plum Deluxe website they suggest drinking this with a touch of heavy cream or as an iced tea. I highly recommend the iced tea!
Cuddletime Herbal tea - when late-night school work, parent teacher meetings or lesson plans have over-stimulated you in the evening, come down with this relaxing, decaffeinated tea with vanilla essence. I swear it's a grown-ups lullaby. 
*All of the Plum Deluxe teas are organic, fair trade, hand blended and non-GMO.
Teacher gift of organic looseleaf tea, tea infuser and more in the Pampered Teacher subscription box
Look for Plum Deluxe tea in upcoming Pampered Teacher boxes. Every box with a tea sample will have a tea infuser (one of the 2 shown in above photos) so that you can experience your own brew of loose leaf tea.
If you'd like to try the Plum Deluxe teas you can purchase them at Mention "Pampered Teacher Subscriber" in the "How did you hear about us" field and they'll treat you to a 1oz bag of tea in your first package!
Expires 11/5/15

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