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how to motivate students
Looking back into my childhood, I'd have to say the best part about back to school was getting new supplies. Just like Tom Hanks remarks in You've Got Mail about how this time of year makes him want a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. I remember the smell distinctly!
There was probably nothing I loved more than really cute erasers..and I'd always say I needed graph paper just because I wanted it for my own artistic pursuits. 
My neighbor is a math teacher and he said he would tell his parents he needed fancy compasses (the kind that draw circles) and protractors because he knew it was the perfect opportunity to get fun school supplies on the sly.
Now with a the digital age, parents can download a supply list and there is no room for kids to add onto the list. But lucky for them, school supplies have gotten so much more fun. Pencils are paisley instead of plain yellow. Highlighters smell like candy and pencil sharpeners look like smart phones.
I'd say that's a little more exciting than sneaking some graph paper!
And if have any trouble finding a school supply store with really unique products - like a confidential secret decoder spy pen, for instance, you need to check out Geddes online parent teacher store.
Geddes has been in business for over 90 years and stands behind their products. They recently sent Pampered Teacher a collection of back-to-school supplies that make awesome student motivation incentives and prizes. Keep in mind all opinions are strictly my own.
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Motivation For Students

Are you a teacher who gives out student prizes? Or have you found the way to motivate students is with little incentives that make them smile?
Here are some ideas on how to motivate students!
  1. Prize lottery - a popular way Bobbi, a third grade teacher motivates her students is with a lottery system for prizes. Throughout the week as students show excellent attitudes, great achievements, exceptional listening skills and helpfulness towards others, they are rewarded with a "lottery ticket." The students then write their name on the ticket. At the end of the week, Bobbi collects all the tickets and selects a few names as prize winners. What a high note to end the week!
  2. The Classroom Economy - Tracy, a fifth grade ELA teacher incentivizes good work by issuing her own classroom currency. She then has a store where students can use the special, Monopoly-like money to purchase prizes of their choice.
  3. The Bell Special - at my grammar school, in between bells - which our principal actually manually rung - as we were frantically changing classes we might be treated to surprise visit from "Benny" a bear shaped cookie jar that contained coveted candy treats that made our day. Lori, a kindergarten teacher takes a similar approach with the "Treasure Jar" she keeps tucked away in her classroom cupboard for special occasions.
  4. Praise-lets - we all know kids love bracelets - boys, girls, elementary school, middle school - they're all wearing them. We also know how positive motivation in the form of words (praise) sticks with students. Why, because we remember the way teachers make us feel. So another really special way to motivate your students is to make paper bracelets with a word or phrase to acknowledge their good behavior.  
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    Prize incentives are sure to come at a cost to the teacher and therefore it's not always easy or doable. It might be something that teachers can get help with from the PTA, or we're happy to share that Geddes school supply store offers free shipping with coupon code: PTFS15
    So stock up on pens, pencils, adorable erasers, bookmarks and other supplies and prizes.
    Geddes even offer school fundraisers.
    school fundraisers that are healthy, profitable and affordable
    Want to have a school fundraiser selling products that really appeal to parents, teachers and students! Product prices start as low as $5 and yield an average of 50% in profits.
    To learn more, go to Geddes' fundraising page to follow the 5 easy steps to get going with support along the way and 100% product guarantee.
    In the meantime, look for the Geddes collection of unique student prize packs in upcoming Pampered Teacher subscription box. Prizes include:
    • mechanical pencil
    • decorative pencil
    • cell phone pencil sharpener
    • animal eraser
    • holographic bookmark
    • Little Bitz scented highlighter
    Don't forget, anyone can receive free shipping on their first Geddes product order with coupon code "PTFS15" at RaymondGeddes.com!

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