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Cute Outfits for Fall

Cute fashion ideas for fall with marsala, floral and black and white clothing from Pampered Teacher

The fall/winter 2015-2016 fashion shows are officially over! Because I was too busy working, I followed them like everyone does these days, on Snapchat and Twitter. And if you missed the tweets or photos, you can always search “Fall Fashion 2015” on Pinterest.

Here’s a little summary of the new fall colors: Stormy Weather, Dried Herb, Biscay Bay, Cashmere Rose, Reflecting Pond, Oak Buff, Marsala, Cadmium Orange, Dessert Sage, Amethyst Orchid, and Timeless Black. If you didn’t understand all of those fancy names for colors, charcoal gray, army green, maroon, and black are the in colors.

Wearing the 2015 Color - Marsala

If you have ever noticed in the past, interest in the color of the year has faded over the course of the 12 month period. Not this year! Marsala is still very much present, trendy and loved. The rich wine hue appeals to professions because of its sophistication. Young adults love it for the resurgence of 90s grunge styles. Who knew a color could be so versatile!  

In the photo above, the Marsala shirt is complemented by the gold-dipped feather necklace that was featured in previous Pampered Teacher subscription boxes. 

Marsala has been welcomed with open arms in the fall fashion line up. If you're not quite ready to jump into the deep browns and spiced pumpkin hues of Fall, choose this subtle color that still says, "I'm ready for cozy nights and comfort food - but the early sunsets aren't keeping this gal at home!"

Black and White Clothing

22 black and white, mix and match teacher outfit ideas and tips for dressing for work on a budget

Black is back! But when did it ever go out? Black is elegant, it has a prestige feeling about it. Think about it, what company uses black as for their logo? There’s Gucci, Channel, and Louis Vuitton. And I don’t know about you, but black is my go-to color when I don’t know what to wear for the day. Everything matches with black!

Here’s the trick questions: How do we as teachers look stylish, but yet comfortable, and stick to the dress code? Pencil skirts are uncomfortable, but the skirt length has to be below your knees. And if you’re lucky, you can only wear jeans on Fridays. And how do you pay for all of your business clothes on a teacher’s salary?

My mother, who is also a first grade teacher, taught me that black and white is the way to go. You’ll always look professional and always match. And there’s also so many ways you can mix up your outfits on a tight budget! I’ve come up with a few key items to have in your closet. These key pieces are super cute, easy to mix and match, and comfortable too!

Stretchy Black Dress Pants

If they can make super stretch jeans, why can’t they make super stretch dress pants? Well now they do! I picked up a few pairs at Target the other day. They’re made of a cotton material, but still look classy. And the best part? They feel like sweatpants and don’t give you a muffin top after you’re all zippered and buttoned up! You’re able to bend over, climb up on chairs to reach the top shelf, and move around the classroom without feeling like your walking span is restricted.

Solid Colored Button-Down

Once again, when shopping for button downs, go for the shirts made of cotton. Yes, that polyester, silk-like material looks nice, but cotton is cheaper! It’s also easier to wash and move around in.

I have a solid button-down in black, white, army green, and maroon. They look great tucked into your dress pants, or you can just let them flow! These versatile, slimming shirts look very professional. And any color you get will look great with your black dress pants.

Maxi Skirts

You won’t have to worry about this skirt being too short for dress code. These skirts are also slimming, and super comfortable! You’ll have a full range of motions while staying cool in that stuffy classroom. If I’m wearing a solid colored maxi skirt, I’ll throw my hair up in a bun and pair the skirt with a t-shirt and patterned scarf. If I’m feeling more adventurous, I’ll wear a patterned maxi skirt with a solid colored tee.

Floral Outfits for Fall

Floral outfits for fall that don't look like you're still dressed for summer from Pampered Teacher. Check out this post for tons of cute fall outfit ideas for work from Pampered Teacher

When you think of floral clothing you probably think of flirty little dresses, scalloped shorts or a cute summer romper. Your mind doesn't automatically go to pants, blazers, scarves and other nip-in-the-air fashion favorites.

Well this Fall is different. 

There are ways to dress cute, professional and every way in between in florals - you just need to know where to add them for your Fall wardrobe. 


I will wear scarves during any season! Patterned scarves are my favorite because it ads a pop of color to your outfit. Sticking to the black and white theme, a white blouse, black dress pants, and floral scarf will do the trick!  Pair it with a jacket or cardigan for extra warmth in those drafty school rooms.

If you’re not feeling super dressy and want to throw on a t-shirt or v-neck, scarves will be your best friends. The right scarf will make any t-shirt look dressy with a nice pair of pants. It also covers up "your girls" when you have to bend down to help a kid with their schoolwork. You want the kids to pay attention to what you’re showing them, not your cleavage!

Floral Buttoned-Down Shirts

If you love wearing patterned button downs, a simple and elegant necklace is the way to go! It won’t clash with your top, but will add a nice accent. The golden hexagon necklace (pictured below and coming in future Pampered Teacher boxes) is a smooth way to accessorize vibrant tops. 

Jewelry features in Pampered Teacher boxes - elegant and simple for accessorizing teacher outfits and professional work attire.


Have you heard of joggers? I’d explain them as a slimmer version of “Hammer Pants.” They have an elastic waist, and elastic at your ankles, too. They’re a little on the looser side, but who wants to wear tight pants all the time? And on top of that, they look super professional if you buy the right pair! I have joggers in solid colors and patterns. My favorite pair are my black floral ones. It looks great with a black blouse and a simple golden necklace.

Transitioning from Daytime Work Wear to Evening Fun Wear

With all this talk of what to wear to work, what about after work? It's not uncommon that you'd have to run from teaching straight to a dinner party, happy hour or a social engagement.

So what do you do if you need to adapt your work clothes into your party clothes?

Here is a video containing tips for adapting your daytime look into appropriate nighttime wear. Enjoy helpful suggestions on wardrobe basics, hair, makeup, shoes and accessories!

I want to extend a special thank you to Britni Mignon for creating such a well done video on transitioning work attire. 

And my gratitude also goes out to Juliana Tirone who co-wrote this post.


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