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Homemade Gift Ideas

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Selecting the right gift for a loved one can be extremely strenuous and overwhelming. We all remember learning the saying “it’s the thought that counts” when we were growing up. That motto is especially true when it comes to gifts. Therefore most, if not all of us, would agree that nothing means more than a homemade gift. The last thing we want to do is spend money on a store-bought gift that the recipient already has or has no use for. After spending all that money, we definitely do not want the gift we purchased to eventually be re-gifted or thrown in a closet and forgotten about. A perfect solution to ensure the recipient loves their gift is if that gift is a personalized one of a kind homemade gift. If you are interested in homemade DIY crafts that are child friendly continue reading!

 Made with Love:

homemade gifts for teachers from Pampered Teacher

  • Baking: In a world full of dieting and watching what we eat, who doesn’t love a good cheat day? When the holidays are approaching everyone tends to immerse themselves in sugary treats, so what better way to tell someone they are appreciated than a decadent dessert. Not only is baking a treat beneficial for the recipient, but for the baker as well. Baking is meditative and creative; it also allows you to spend personal one-on-one time with your child. Baking is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face, which will put a smile on your face.
  • Cards: Personalized cards are another great way to get your children involved. Of course it is much easier and cleaner to purchase a teacher card, but nothing is more meaningful than an individualized handmade card. There is no better way to let someone know how much he or she means to you, than by expressing it yourself.
  • Coasters: Most people’s go-to gifts (especially for teachers) are mugs. So why not get innovative and make a coaster for their favorite mug? Coasters are so simple to make, but there is so much opportunity for your inner artist to come through. Note: try experimenting with the shape of the coaster (what teacher wouldn’t love an apple shaped coaster), inspirational quotes and bright colors.
DIY cork projects

  • Plants/Flowers: Of course we can all go to our local floral shop and pick out a bouquet of roses or a succulent, but why not plant it yourself? The best part about planting your gift is that as the plant grows it is an ongoing reminder of the student (or loved one) who gave it to them.
 DIY Teacher Gifts
    • Lanyards: Most teachers carry their ID card and school keys on a lanyard so that they can easily access them. The DIY Lanyard Kit by Pampered Teacher comes with a plain white strap and three thin-point Sharpie markers, where students can create an individualized lanyard to show their teacher just how much they mean to them.
    • Apple Keychain: For the few teachers that do not use lanyards, a keychain is right up their ally. The customizable apple keychain brought to you by Pampered Teacher acts as both a keychain and locket. You simply replace the generic paper in the keychain and add your own creativity! You can put a picture, a quote, a decorative background and even leave it blank for the teacher’s own image.
    • Pendant: The DIY Pendant Necklace kit sold exclusively at Pampered Teacher is a perfect way for a student to show their gratitude for their favorite teacher. The kit includes a 1.25 inch pendant with a complementary chain, two white one-inch stickers, one clear epoxy sticker and a gift box to wrap it all together. You can get creative and decorate the stickers anyway you choose. Continue scrolling and watch some examples of how to decorate your pendant in the video below.

Holiday Gift Guide 2015:

  • Subscription Box: The Pampered Teacher Subscription box is a perfect gift for a class who is pooling money together for one gift for the teacher. There are several boxes available: the one time subscription box; the three-month subscription box; and the six-month subscription box. The subscription box is the perfect way to surprise your favorite teacher because gifts in the box are based on the teacher’s personal preferences.
  • Sea Glass Tags: These sea glass tags are a creative way to spice up any ordinary gift. The sea glass is one-of-a-kind, hand collected from the beaches of the Great Lakes. Simply add the tag to any gift for a cute individualized message because the base is made of chalkboard wood.
homemade gifts for teachers that students can make from Pampered Teacher

  • Cross Stitch: The Cross Stitch patterns and jar kits are a beautiful gift for your favorite educator or book lover in your life. The kit comes with three designs to choose from. When you are finished with the mason jar, the uses are endless. For a personal twist, fill it with the teacher’s favorite candy!
  • Patterned Lanyards: If you do not have the time in your hectic schedule to have your child decorate a lanyard, don’t sweat it; Pampered Teacher has you covered. All lanyards are hand sewn and come in three different fashionable patterns.

Cristin Frank, mother of two boys and owner of Pampered Teacher

Owner and founder of Pampered Teacher, Cristin Frank is a mother of two. One year during teacher appreciation week, she made her son’s teacher a handmade broach. A week later, she found the gift hidden in her son’s closet. He later confessed that he was too embarrassed to give a handmade gift when all the other kids had brought in store-bought gifts. She was saddened that he felt that way.

Instead of giving in to his feelings, she had her son take the time to make something for his teacher. Again, he was embarrassed because he didn’t think he was a very good artist. Together they made a gift that was a combination of a store-bought item (Post-It Notes and an acrylic photo frame) that he decorated with scrapbook paper, ribbons and the teacher’s name.

The point wasn’t to overcome embarrassment (though that was part of it), but for him to see the teacher’s reaction to a gift she knew that he took the time to work on just for her.

For all the hours that teacher’s spend pre-cutting construction paper projects, labeling desks and bins, and creating an inspirational learning environment, it means so much to them to see it reciprocated in a gift that a student has made for them.

And as you can see in the video above, her son is delighted to spend quality time decorating a teacher gift with his mom! (Guess what his teacher, Mrs. Clark is getting for Christmas?!)

Recently Cristin has branched out from only female teacher boxes and started incorporating DIY gifts, a male teacher box and teacher cards. If you are ever stuck on what to give a teacher for any occasion, just go to Pampered Teacher and you will surely find the right fit!

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