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Gifts for Guys

Why is finding the right gift for a guy always so difficult? Every person seems to give his or her loved one the typical go-to gift: a tie. But honestly, how many ties does one man need? Men always claim they have everything they want, and they do not need anything more. Whenever they do come across something that they want, they simply go out and buy it themselves. When the holidays are approaching, you want to show them how much they mean to you, but what do you get them? Keep reading to find out the perfect gifts any man would love to get, especially teachers.

 gifts for guys for Father's day or for male teachers - fashion, geek, superheroes and Rubik's cube from Pampered Teacher

Best Holiday Gifts for Male Teachers:

You cannot determine the perfect gift for a male teacher without knowing what NOT TO GET THEM!

  1. Baked Goods: While women may swoon over delectable treats, men are wearier of food from unknown kitchens. Please don’t take it personally, it’s just one of those things–guys can be picky eaters, just sayin'.
  2. Mug: Another go-to gift for teachers is a mug. Although mugs can be a thoughtful, sentimental gift, everyone gives them. The last thing you want is to give a gift that everyone is giving. You want your gift to stand out from the rest.
  3. Humorous Gifts: Although funny t-shirts are trending at the moment, you want to avoid humorous gifts at all costs. Everyone has a different sense of humor, and gifts can come across the wrong way. You definitely do not want to offend the teacher.

Now that you know what not to do for male teacher gifts, here are some fun and inventive gift ideas brought to you by Pampered Teacher.

  1. Male Teacher Subscription Box: In the past, Pampered Teacher focused mainly on female teachers, since female teachers outweigh male teachers exponentially. After research and several requests, we decided that male teachers deserve to know how much they are appreciated as well. So if you are at a loss when it comes to finding a male teacher gift, let Pampered Teacher do it for you!
Subscription box for men, male teachers, professionals from Pampered Teacher

  1. Superhero Paperclips: Uniting all superheroes! The expression “I’m a teacher what’s your superpower” has become increasingly popular over the past few years. What better way to show a male teacher that they are your heroes than to literally give them superhero paperclips and cool canvas pouch?
Superhero stocking stuffer gifts from Pampered Teacher - Superman, Batman, Captain America and Transformers canvas pouch with superheroes paperclips
Superhero paper clips from Pampered Teacher. Need the best male teacher gifts? Check out all their fun, unique gift ideas for teachers

  1. Key Fob: The leather and metal key fob is the ideal way of letting any teacher know that they are the key to our futures. The key fob not only allows teacher to keep track of their keys, it also will remind them of the student that gave it to them every time they use it.
  2. Puzzle Cube Cufflinks: Is it a cliché that guys are still obsessed with Rubik’s cubes? Maybe, but that's what makes these cufflinks the best gift idea for male teachers. Classy and geeky in one!

Creative Gift Ideas

Teachers love receiving gifts that involve their students (unless it’s a cookie buried in gummy worms and sprinkles). And parents cannot resist an opportunity for quality time with their youngsters - because let's face it, homework time just isn't cutting it!

Continue reading for creative gifts that allow students to get involved and exercise their creativity.

    1. DIY Cufflinks: The DIY Cufflink Kit brought to you exclusively by Pampered Teacher includes two 5/8” stainless steel cufflinks, four half inch circle stickers to be decorated (just in case a couple get messed up), and two clear epoxy stickers. This kit allows students to draw a small design on the sticker and place it on the cufflink. This gift of art and fashion is an endearing way a piece of them is always with the teacher.

  1. Lanyards: The DIY Lanyard Kit comes with a handmade white muslin lanyard and three fine-point Sharpie markers. Many teachers use lanyards to carry their school ID, so it is the perfect way to incorporate something useful with something from the heart.

Pampered Teacher’s owner, Cristin Frank recalls when her older son started middle school a couple years ago. “He had a lot more male teachers, especially one that was instrumental in his success in math. I wanted to get this teacher something special, but the whole year went by and inspiration never struck.”

Cristin laughs as she remembers taking her son with her to the dollar store. “He kept picking up random things and asking how much they cost. I finally threw up my hands and said, ‘for the last time, everything’s a dollar!’” And even though everything was so cheap, it was also no good.

Another moral of the story – dudes don’t do the dollar store.

If you think your average guy is hard to shop for, try teachers who help your kids for only an hour or less a day – whom you often don’t meet at parent-teacher conferences.

This is a virtually impossible task.

The only help her son offered was that the teacher had several Rubik’s cubes on his desk.


Case in point, there is very little to go on when it comes to teachers that are men. And since they’re often found in the upper grades, it’s even more impossible to get your 7th grader to draw a handmade card.

This year, Pampered Teacher took on the challenge of finding appropriate and useful gifts for male teachers. You no longer have to stress yourself out thinking about the perfect male teacher gift! Pampered Teacher has hand-selected unique individualized gifts that any male would be happy to get.

So whether you’re looking for a class gift for a male teacher or a little something for your son or daughter’s teacher, all the gifts featured above can be found at Pampered Teacher in the Male Gifts tab at the top of the website.

Hey, Psst…all of these gifts are awesome for Father’s Day, too!

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