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Fundraising Ideas

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40 fundraising ideas for schools

Fundraising can be a great way to raise money for your school, but at the same time, fundraising ideas get a little boring after a while. Schools tend to do the same fundraisers year after year. And for safety reasons, fundraising efforts, such as selling, are often dropped on parents. If you are looking to spice up your fundraising ideas, we’ve come up with 40 ways to add fun into your fundraising!

    1. International Food Night: This is a delicious and exciting way to involve the whole family while raising proceeds for the school. Families simply donate cultural food to the school and then the school (usually the PTA) sells tickets for the buffet dinner. This is also a great method to entice picky eaters. If a child sees their friends eating cuisine from other countries, they will be more likely to try it.International food day fundraisers
    2. Bake Sale: The most traditional way of fundraising where volunteers donate baked goods to the school. Bake sales work best if most of the products are homemade. Try to incorporate deals to perk interest. For example, sell cookies 3 for a dollar, that way people feel like they are getting a good deal and are more likely to buy.
    3. Sport and Social: Open the school up to the students for a night of games in the gym, dancing in the auditorium, and if your school has a pool – swimming!
    4. Father Daughter Dance: What better way to make your little girl feel like a princess for the day? The school sells tickets for a night of dancing and bonding for the father and the daughter. The daughter will have a blast dressing up and being a princess for the night. Remember: A father’s job isn’t to teach her how to be a lady; it’s to teach her how a lady should be treated.
    5. Raffle (50/50): Another great fundraising technique is the 50/50 raffle. At all sporting events, plays, recitals etc. raffle tickets are sold. All the money that is made is totaled up and a winner is chosen. The winner receives 50 percent of the money collected and the school gets the other 50 percent.
    6. Auction: First start by getting donations from local businesses and parents. After a decent amount of prizes are collected, sell tickets for the event. Each person with a ticket receives a number where they can bid on the prizes they want. (Note: Make sure you have an entertaining host so that the audience is engaged.) It is also great if you have students perform and collect donations.
    7. Bike Rodeo: This is a great way to help students learn how to ride bikes in a safe way. This also allows those who already know how to ride a bike to show off their skills. Volunteers set up a course for the kids to dodge cones, ride between lines and in a figure eight. Each student gets sponsors to donate to the school or pay a fee to participate. To make the rodeo more challenging and fun, reward the winner with a prize like a trophy. Bike rodeo school fundraisers gets students exercising, learning bike safety and raising money for their school
    8.  Walkathon: Similar to the bike rodeo, students receive donations for every mile they walk. For example, if a sponsor offers to donate $5 for every mile the student walks and the student walks 3 miles, the sponsor donates $15.
    9. Mother Son Game Night: A great way to get a mother and son to bond is a game night. With a game night there are so many possibilities. Mothers and their sons can play board games, video games or even sports. It is most effective if the pairs are broken up into teams. Don’t forget to reward the winners!
    10. Art Fest: Select a theme and create arts and crafts stations around the school where students can make a variety of cool projects. Tip: The first station should be decorating a bag that they can use to carry all the projects they make throughout the event.
    11. Art Show: If you loved the art fest, you’ll love an art show! All the artistic students in the school create a masterpiece and the top 50 -100 pieces are selected. The artwork that is selected is presented at a gala. Tickets are sold to attend the gala (usually food is served). The winner’s artwork is frames and displayed at school as a reward.
    12. Selling (candy, snacks, wrapping paper, cookie dough): Selling items is a great way to fundraise when you are short on time. Students get catalogs of candy, snacks, wrapping paper, cookie dough, candles etc. You can sell virtually anything. The students take the catalog home and sell it to their families and friends. Since most students have after school extracurricular activities, it is great to bring catalogs to their activities because friends from other schools are likely to buy items.
    13. Book sale: Book sales are usually held in the gymnasium. Bookshelves get filled with books (best if they are donated) and sold to the students.
    14. Plant sale: Similar to the book sale, plants are sold to students, family, alumni and area residents. It is great to incorporate an educational experience if the plant sale is around Earth Day.
    15. Teacher Auction/ Competition: Let’s face it, who wouldn’t pay big bucks to see their favorite teachers compete against one another? You can plan sports competitions, races, tug-of-war or other fun and friendly activities. Ask the teachers what they would prefer to do; don’t be afraid to get them involved.
    16. VIP Seating Auction: We all love sitting front the row at all school events, but sometimes our hectic schedules get in the way of getting to the event extra-extra early. If you raffle off front row tickets for every event, people do not have to worry about showing up early to get a good seat, especially if their son or daughter is performing.
    17. Valentine’s Day Sale (high school): With hormones raging, it is sometimes embarrassing to approach your crush. The Valentine’s Day sale is a great way to send chocolate or flowers to someone. The great thing about the sale is that you can keep yourself anonymous if you choose.
    18. Craft Fairs: Homemade gifts are hands down a favorite gift to receive. If a craft sale at the school is hosted before the holidays it is a great way to make a profit by selling tickets to attendees and renting tables to craft vendors.
    19. Clothing and Toy Resale: Children outgrow clothing and toys in a matter of months. When spring-cleaning time rolls around, it is an opportune time to clean out your house. All the extra clothing and toys that your child does not need can be donated to the school for a second-hand sale.
    20. Bake off/ Cooking Competition (high School): In high school, students become more interested in cooking and baking. Through a bake off or cooking competition, students can demonstrate their best creations. The students pay to enter the competition and are given a prize and bragging rights. Another great tip is to make and sell a cookbook of all the delicious creations!
    21. Carnival: A carnival is a great fundraiser for the whole family. There can be a series of games from the ring toss to the dunk tank that is age appropriate for all. You can either sell tickets for the whole carnival or you can sell individual tickets for each stand. Some extras might include a cotton candy machine and a photo booth.
    22. Recycling Drive/ Deposit Bottle Collection: Students collect recyclables (with a 5¢ deposit) and bring them to school. All the recyclables are brought to the local supermarket to be cashed in and the money made goes toward the school. You can have classes compete against one another and the class that donates the most recyclables can be rewarded with a pizza party.
    23. Pie Eating Contest: Each student pays to enter the pie-eating contest. To keep costs down and profit high, fill pie pans with whipped cream; do not use actual pies. Of course with any competition the winner should win something (besides a stomach ache).
    24. Car Wash (high school): This is another great fundraiser for high school students. On a Saturday morning, students can host a car wash where their family and friends can get their car washed at a reasonable price.
    25. Car Smash (high school): Name one student that wouldn’t like to take their mid semester frustrations out on a car! To do this, buy a cheap junker car (or get one donated) and charge students a fee to take their anger out on the car. This is also a great bullying lesson. Instead of taking their anger out on their peers they are taking their anger out on an object – with a good cause – their school!Fund raising ideas for high schools from Pampered Teacher
    26. Bingo: Bingo is a simple game, perfect for all ages. One night students and their families can get together and play bingo. Get prizes donated, the winners can walk away with gift on top of a night of fun. Need some BINGO luck? Check out the Bingo pocket prayer! You could even sell these to raise more money at your Bingo event.
    27. Dog Wash: Everyone loves dogs, but washing them can be a chore. People are wiling to pay big bucks for someone else to wash their dog for them. The dog owners will end up paying a lot less than at the groomers, and the school can make a nice profit. It is a win, win situation.
    28. Movie Night: Sell tickets for a movie night. Depending on the school and the weather consider a drive in nice weather and an indoor viewing in the dead of winter. You can also sell snacks at the concession stand to make an additional profit.
    29. Dance-a-thon (high school): Students are expected to dance as long as possible. Whoever is the last one dancing is the winner. Those who participate get pledges from family, friends and neighbors. It is best if you plan this well in advance so that participants have enough time to collect donations.
    30. (Baby)Sit-a-thon (high school): We all need babysitters when we have plans with our friends, loved ones or spouse. Gather a team of responsible teenagers to babysit for families. Each student will receive a compensation of $10 per hour to donate to their school.
    31. Ice Cream Sundae Social: Who doesn’t love a good sugar rush? A Friday night after a long day of classes, ice cream is the perfect way to cheer-on the weekend. You get a ton of different flavors and toppings and those with tickets get to make their own ice cream sundae.
    32. Guest Speaker Seminar (high school): Students love hearing from influential speakers. You can organize a guest speaker to talk to the students. Try to get a speaker that the majority of students are interested in, to make it a sure success for the school.
    33. Haunted House: When Halloween comes around, a great way to get students excited is to have a haunted house. Teachers, parents and even students can dress up in scary costumes and scare those who enter.
    34. Food Truck Night: Let’s face it, everyone loves to eat. You can have a night devoted to eating. Have local food trucks come and people can buy food, hang out and have a good time. Make arrangements with the truck owners who give schools a discount of some sort.
    35. School Dances (high school): High school is the perfect time to go to school dances. The school organizes dances, (different themes for different occasions) and sell tickets. Be sure to advertise that a date is not necessary to have a good time and encourage all students to attend.
    36. Pancake Breakfast: One of children’s favorite things is breakfast for dinner. If you host a pancake breakfast at night, a lot of students will beg their parents to attend.The best food fundraisers for schools and churches | 40 fundraising ideas from
    37. Trivia Night: Trivia night is a great way for students to express how much they have learned throughout the years. Students can form teams and pay to enter the contest. The winning team gets a trophy and certificate to show their academic excellence.
    38. Pajama Day/ Dress-down Day: Although this does not apply to every school; Catholic schools get reprimanded for wearing anything but their school uniform. Students can pay a dollar to wear whatever they want on dress-down day. At schools that don’t require a uniform, students could pay to wear a silly hat or dress up like a teacher.
    39. Fashion Show: Fashion shows are a great way to show off a student’s fashion sense. They can put on their most fashionable outfit and walk the runway. Tickets are sold and all proceeds are given to the school. You can also get a local store to donate clothing or have students (high school) make clothing and pay to enter their designs.
    40. Wrap-it Up (Gift Wrapping): Another holiday fundraiser is holiday gift-wrapping. Although younger students aren’t the best at wrapping gifts, it is sentimental and from the heart. If it is for a good cause people will spend the money.

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