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Jamberry Nails Review

Did you know that nail polish originated in China and dates all the way back to 300 BC? Women have been inventing ways to beautify themselves for over two thousand years. Whether you prefer a bold red, a dainty pink or a daring black polish, every woman loves the feeling of having their nails perfectly manicured, but often does not have the time or funds to do so. A basic manicure pedicure can cost an average of $50 and the wait time alone can be anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. The worst part is after spending that much time and money to pamper yourself getting your nails done, the polish can chip within days. With such hectic schedules, women have turned to doing their nails themselves or unfortunately going without nail polish all together. Nail polish is a great way for a woman to express their womanhood, demonstrate their personality and experiment with different styles. It can accentuation a professional wardrobe, compliment a well composed outfit or be the pop of color to an otherwise safe ensemble.

DIY Nail Designs

Cristin Frank, owner of Pampered Teacher, often jokes that she is a beauty school drop out. She like many of us isn’t the best at home beauty treatments. Jamberry Nails makes it easy for anyone regardless of ability to make their nails look picture perfect. Jamberry offers a variety of nail stickers to accommodate all tastes: from simple and classy to bold and beautiful. With Jamberry, achieving a beautiful nail pattern is simple.

First clean and buff your nails. Push down cuticles.How to prepare nails for Jamberry nail wraps 

Then find a nail sticker that is closest to the size of your nail. Once you have found the sticker that is about the size of the nail you want to decorate, remove the sticker using the wooden cuticle stick. Try your best not to touch the sticker with your hand, especially the bottom of the sticker because it can affect the adhesiveness.

After the nail sticker is removed from the plastic sheet and temporarily stuck on the wooden stick, take a blow dryer and heat up the nail sticker for approximately three to four seconds. This step is crucial for the sticker to properly apply to your nail.

When the sticker is heated a bit, apply it to your nail as best you can, trying to align all the edges. (Note: you can remove the sticker once or twice if need be, but try your best to get it on the first try for best results). Once you are satisfied with where the nail sticker is positioned, take scissors and cut the excess of the sticker off for use on your other hand.

Depending on how long your nails are, you most likely can use the remains of the sticker on the other hand.

How to apply Jamberry nail wraps | decorative nail stickers to be featured in upcoming Pampered Teacher subscription boxes

When the excess sticker is cut off, take your nail file and file off the extra sticker around your nail edge. Once all these steps are completed you have successfully decorated your nail. You can opt to apply a topcoat if you wish, but that is one hundred percent optional.

Pamper Party

Pampered Teacher is proud to feature a sample set of Jamberry nail wraps in upcoming subscription boxes. The boxes will also include a crystal nail file and wooden cuticle pusher.

The sample set includes 5 double-sided DIY nail art stickers of varying sizes and patterns.

As you can see in our Jamberry video review, it’s fun to decorate a single nail and polish the remaining fingers.

With the sample set you get together with a few friends to try out the wraps, help each other with the application and then take a million selfies – because that’s almost as fun as having really cute nails.

A pamper party wouldn’t be complete without a great music mix, sweet and salty snacks and your besties!

Here are some more ideas to make a pamper party special:

  • Food shaped like nail polish bottles, lipstick and eye masks (think marshmallows and cut-out cookies)
  • Pamper stations with cotton balls, nail polish display, Jamberry nail wraps and nail tools
  • Craft time where you make your own scented sachet, foot scrub or eye mask
  • Photo background for glamorous, red carpet style selfies

Want more Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry nail wraps funny eCard

Lauren Richau, an independent consultant and second grade teacher, provided the nail wrap sample sets included in the Pampered Teacher subscription box. Pampered Teacher loves to partner with brands, but is especially happy to support a teacher (and mother)!

To see more Jamberry nail wrap designs, visit Lauren's Jamberry site. There are nail wraps designs in plaid (LOVE!), vintage maps, glitter and chevron, to name a few of my personal favorites.

Lauren has also extended a very generous coupon offer – receive free shipping on any Buy 3, Get 1 Free offer. You must contact Lauren via email at lrichau511{at}gmail{dot}com in order to get the free shipping.

These make awesome friend gifts or supplies for your own pamper party!

I have to admit, they’re a little totally addicting…even for a beauty school drop out…because they’re really pretty and easy. If you need a little more beauty in your life and a lot less maintenance, you’re going to be as smitten with Jamberry nail wraps as we are.

 Jamberry nail wraps sample set to be featured in the Pampered Teacher subscription box

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