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Holiday Crafts for Elementary Kids

DIY holiday crafts for elementary kids

If ever there is a time when adults (parents and teachers especially) need to keep kids occupied it's around the holidays. We need time to bake cookies, wrap gifts, get organized and just take care of general holiday demands.

So when the kid's wish list is written and "I'm bored" starts to come out of their mouth, keep them busy with this easy and fun kid's craft!

DIY decorated gift bags


holiday crafts

Plain gift bags


Coffee filters

Glue Stick

White paint

Pencil with eraser 

Step 1: Fold the coffee filter into a 1/16 wedge (fold 4 times). I hope I'm doing my math right - might be a good math lesson that can go along with this!

Step 2: Cut shapes into the wedge without cutting clear across the wedge.

Christmas crafts that kids can do from Pampered Teacher - makes a great way for kids to wrap teacher gifts

Step 3: Open up the coffee filter to reveal the snowflake! Carefully apply the glue stick to one side and stick it to the bag. If the snowflake is too big for the bag front, cut it in half and glue the other half to the other side of the bag.

Step 4: Dip the pencil eraser into the white paint to add little specks of falling snow to the design.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Once kids get the hang of making snowflakes, they'll be on their way to mass production. And what better way for them to create unique, handmade wrapping paper and gift bags for their teacher's gift or gifts for family and friends!

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  • What a clever DIY gift bag idea! I LOVE it!!

    Sandra @ Heavenly Home Cooking

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