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Holiday Fun with Vegan Food

helthy holiday snacks that are fun and creative for kids

Holiday season is quickly approaching and it is often hard for vegans to find something festive to eat. Since a vegan diet is restricting, it is often hard to find foods at dinner parties, especially when you’re hosting a vegan – and not vegan yourself. For those of you who wonder exactly what eating vegan means, it’s eating no animal products. I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t that the same thing as being a vegetarian?” A vegan is a type of vegetarian. Although both vegetarians and vegans do not consume meat, vegetarians do consume dairy products such as milk, eggs and cheese. Being that vegans do not consume any product derived from an animal, it can be hard for them go to their friend’s and family’s house during the holidays.

Perky Fruit Bodies

raw vegan superfoods 

Lucky for us, Perky Fruit Bodies makes it easy to find a vegan snack that is perfect for family gatherings, or the classroom. At times it can be difficult to find a healthy snack that both adults and children will love. Perky Fruit Bodies is a family run business who “commit(s) to creating pristine, premium and organic superfood snacks.” Since Perky Fruit Bodies is a family run company, they understand the importance of fueling the body with all the nutrients it needs as well as keeping the food clean and appetizing. All products produced by Perky Fruit Bodies are 100% all natural and organic. They are very particular about where their products come from; all products come from the best places all around the world. The family works on creating both a business and personal relationship with the farmers, so that nothing but the best is added to their products. The company prides itself on creating nutritious snacks that are also raw, vegan, gluten free, organic, kosher and have no added preservatives. Regardless of your dietary needs, Perky Fruit Bodies provide the perfect snack for all. They carry three different flavors: cacao banana coconut, strawberry banana and coconut banana; all available in perfect convenient grab and go sizes!

Christmas Gift Exchange

Usually older students (middle school and high school) exchange gifts around the holidays. If you are a teacher organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange and are not quite sure how to go about it keep reading! Usually when doing randomized gift exchange, all the students involved write their name on a strip of paper and the paper is placed into a hat or bag for randomized selection. This process has been done for what seems to be ages now and is pretty self explanatory, but why not switch things up and make the game a little more exciting?

 creative ways to pick names for secret santa gift exchange from Pampered Teacher

The Perky Fruit Bodies are a great item to incorporate into a holiday gift exchange. Simply roll out the snack (whichever flavor you prefer), then take a circular cookie cutout and cut the snack into as many circles as it can fit. Repeat the two steps above until you have as many circles as students, or people participating in the gift exchange. After all the circles are cut out, roll the circles into a cute shape. When we did this activity, we rolled the circles into a cannoli shape, but feel free to experiment and see what works best for you. (You’ll need a dab of frosting or melted chocolate to get the ends to stick together.) Once all the circles have been rolled into shapes, take little strips of paper and write all the participants names on the strips of paper. Randomly lace the strips of paper into the cutout creations. Make sure the name is folded or pushed in enough that the name cannot be read until the Perky Fruit is opened. Next you can either randomly place the cutouts on the student’s desks or have them choose one of the creations. Once everyone has a cutout filled with a name, they open the cutout and read the name. Not only do they know who they will be buying a gift for, they have a healthy and nutritious snack to munch on.

 secret santa name generator and snack in one for holiday party in the classroom or at home

Vegan Party Food

A traditional holiday treat is gingerbread men, but they are not the healthiest of snacks. Gingerbread men are filled with sugar, butter and often artificial flavoring. The last thing any teacher wants when throwing a holiday party is his or her students hyper from excessive sugar. Swapping gingerbread cookies out for Perky Fruit Bodies is a great way to cut calories and sugar while also adding nutritional benefits. Similar to the Secret Santa gift exchange, roll out the Perky Fruit Bodies and use a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes, this time a gingerbread man.

 new twist on holiday foods that are healthy and fun for kids and adults

Once there are enough gingerbread cutouts for everyone in the classroom, prepare the toppings! Keeping with the healthier alternative, it is best to use fresh fruit and lower calorie options as décor. In your example we used fresh strawberries and sprinkles, but the options are endless. Of course if you are looking to treat your class, you can always use candy to decorate the gingerbread men.

 decorating gingerbread men just got healthier with Perky Fruit Bodies | check out the fun classroom holiday party treat from Pampered Teacher

To attach the decoration to the gingerbread men, we used a little dollop of icing although other things are possible such as whipped topping. This activity is great for elementary students just before the holidays because it is both creative and fun. Can you name one student who doesn’t love creating something they can eat? Us adults can even admit it’s fun and delicious!

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