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Business Casual for Women

Casual business attire for women, tip to look professional and be comfortable at work #whattheteacherwore

Businesswomen live crazy hectic lives, so it is crucial that they are comfortable in whatever they wear. It is often challenging to find attire that is both comfortable and fashionable. Teachers especially need to be comfortable in what they wear to work because of the long hours and the amount of time they spend on their feet. Teachers need to be realistic about their classroom environment and their needs. Depending on the grade that a teacher teaches, their clothes can be ruined and stained from art projects and various crafts. If you teach younger kids your clothing needs to be casual yet professional while being comfortable. Dressing appropriately for the classroom can be a overwhelming daunting task, but why stress over it when Pamper Teacher has lots of helpful tips? Keep reading more to find out business causal outfits perfect for all careers, especially teachers.

Business Casual Outfits

When wearing causal outfits people are always concerned that they come off too casual and laidback, but they fail to realize there is a difference between unprofessional and casual.

 A Few Tips to Consider:

  • Graphic Tees: Graphic T-shirts may be fine for your weekend concert, but avoid them at all costs when entering a professional setting. Aside from graphic tees being inappropriate, they can also stir up controversy between coworkers.
  • Ripped Jeans: Although they are cute, the distressed look gives off the impression that you do not care about your job.
  • Wrinkled Clothing: Try to invest in a good iron, or send your clothes out to dry cleaning because wrinkled clothing does not read well. Wrinkled clothing gives off the vibe that you stumbled out of bed and put on the first thing you saw.
  • Short bottoms: Showing too much skin can be distracting to both the students and the faculty.
  • Keep Shoes Professional: Shoes may seem like a minor part of your outfit, but they tie your whole look together. It is best if you avoid overly casual shoes such as sneakers and flip flops; if you have to question if it is professional, just opt for a different pair of shoes.
  • Tight Clothes: Businesspeople need to comfortable in whatever they wear. Do not wear clothes too tight because it can limit your range of mobility and cause your mood to change from positive to negative.
  • Hats: Under no circumstances are hats appropriate in a professional setting. If you wear a hat to work, take it off when you get there. Students and/or clients will not take you seriously if you have a hat on your head. A hat is not appropriate indoors no matter how much of a bad hair day you are having.
  • Wet Hair: Sure everyone is in a rush in the morning, but going to your job with your hair drenched makes people think you don’t have respect for your position. To avoid the “I don’t care” look, wake up five to ten minutes earlier so you have time to blow dry your hair.
  • Sweats: Sweats and workout clothes are a huge no, no. Of course you want to be comfortable, but sweats are way too casual so it is best if you leave them at home or for the gym.
  • Limit Your Jewelry: This one may seem weir, but if you have too much jewelry on your wrists or arms some may view you as immature or childish. Teenagers tend to wear a lot of bracelets and chunky jewelry so excessive jewelry tends to be connected with the younger generation. Try to be modest and tasteful when selecting your accessories.
  • Cleavage: Most people are already aware not to show too much cleavage at work. The last thing you want is people to focus on something than your ideas and what you have to offer. If you teach high school students especially, it is best to deviate from low cut shirts and plunging necklines.

Casual outfits are more laidback and can make you seem more approachable, but being too causal about your appearance makes it seem like you do not care about your job. It is crucial to find the balance between casual and professional. To look approachable, yet professional at the same time, wear solid colors. Not everyone needs to turn to the corporate blue, to look white-collar try sticking to darker colors. Bright colors can come off too relaxed for a career setting, but mix well with dark colors for a balanced look. It is best to let your personality shine through with patterns and prints for accessories like shoes and headbands.

Best Casual Clothes for Work

If you are wearing jeans, dark denim gives a sophisticated look with all the style and comfort you get from jeans!

Business casual outfits for women from Pampered Teacher

Everyone loves a simple yet beautiful and feminine shirt dress. Shirt dresses are simplistic enough that they can be dressed up or down and worn in different seasons. When it starts to get chilly, simply add a cardigan or a scarf to keep yourself warm.

What to wear to work for business casual clothes for women from Pampered Teacher, the subscription box for teachers with style

Teacher Outfits

The number two pencil is symbolic of education. I am sure we all have have reoccurring nightmares about going to take an exam, but not having a number two pencil to fill it out. Lucky for us Etsy seller Ms. Head of the Class, is changing the way we think about number two pencils. She hand-makes shoes that are perfect for any teacher in a business casual setting. The shoes are comfortable, yet functional; perfect for a long day standing on your feet. The shoes are not just comfortable for teachers, they are great for any business setting because they have a rubber sole and covered toe. The best thing about these adorable number two inspired shoes is that they are easy to put on. Everyone is rushed for time in the morning, but these shoes slip on in a matter of seconds and you can be on your way.

Not to mention these shoes look great with several different looks. If you are wearing a pair of khakis, the number two pencil shoes complement it perfectly. The color nude of the pencil matches the color of the khaki pant without it being too strong for the eyes.

 Number 2 pencil shoes handmade by Ms. Head of the Class sold on Etsy. Gift certificate featured in the Pampered Teacher subscription boxes

The No. 2 pencil inspired shoes are cute with “athleisure” wear. Pairing these shoes with leggings and a slightly longer top is both functional and professional. I opted for a pink top to complement the pink of the eraser, but feel free to experiment and see what works best for your style.

Etsy seller, Ms. Head of the Class’s customized pencil shoes are the perfect compliment to any business casual look for the classroom.

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