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Pampered Teacher Subscription Box Gift Announcements - Instant Download

Pampered Teacher boxes gift announcements - instantly download to surprise now and receive later

Is the Pampered Teacher Box on your gift list but you don't have time to have your box shipped? Have no fear, we've got you covered!

Below are three gift announcements that you can download and present to the teacher receiving your gift subscription.

Right-click on the images to download to your desktop.

There is an announcement card for a one month box, 3 month subscription and 6 month subscription. So make sure you download the announcement that corresponds to the subscription you purchased.

And we even left room for you to sign it!

Quarterly subscription to Pampered Teacher subscription boxes for teachers; surprise your favorite teacher, or treat yourself to a lifestyle box for women each season; 4 times a year

*Gift announcements have no cash value. They are just a helpful way to present your gift to the teacher now, so she can look forward to receiving her box full of awesome teacher gifts in the near future.

Want Your Box Delayed Until January?

Our subscriptions typically start upon purchase and go for the next consecutive months, so they can start any point in the year.
To delay the first box being sent immediately, just indicate in the "Note" section at checkout when the first box should be sent. This is a common request.
Keep in mind, the note section on our checkout page is read by a real, live human
If you also want to add a personal note, you can do both in the note section. It would look like this...
{Note section} Merry Christmas to the greatest teacher, from a Super Thoughtful Person (send first box Jan 1st)


Haven't purchased your subscription yet? Just click here to shop the Pampered Teacher Subscription of your choice!

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