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Hairdos for Long Hair

Hairdos for long hair that are easy with this genius fashion accessory being featured in the Pampered Teacher subscription boxes

In the Winter, long hair seems like an awesome idea. Extra insulation. Covers your cold ears. Casts a shadow on your pale skin.

Until it seems like it's choking you.

In some regards long hair opens up so many options for hairdos, but at the same time can feel like a lot of work. So here are some easy, long hair styles that get your hair off your neck - without taking up your entire morning.

Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

1. The Perfect Pony

A ponytail may not be as simple as you think. First there is positioning. High and glamorous. Low and casual. Off center and Cyndi Lauper.

For the perfect, professional pony, go with high, but not on top of your head high.

Next divide the front of your hair from the back. Basically, the hair you can see in the mirror vs. the hair you cannot see.

Put the back of head hair in a high-ish ponytail. 

Tease up the front hair for a little volume. Then criss cross it - left front goes to back right and right front goes to back left. Now pin the hair to the hair tie holding your pony tail.

2. The Twisted Pony

This hairdo works especially well with bed head or left over curls. 

Maybe you wand curled your hair the day before or went to bed with damp hair, now you need control without all the effort.

Simply twist the hair on either side of your face working it toward the back of your head. Pick up more strands as you go.

Do one side then temporarily clip in place.

Twist the other side, remove the clip and use a pony tail holder to join them.

3. The Braid and Pony Combo

First put the upper portion of your hair in a pony tail that's slightly off center. This will look like a half pony.

Next, braid the lower portion of your hair, going in the opposite direction of the off-center pony above.

Now wrap the braid around the hair tie and tuck in the end.

Marvel at the impact a braid can make on a simple hair style!

Long Hairdos in a Hurry

For many women with long hair, you start your day with great intentions. Long flowing locks. Perfectly straight, sleek strands. 

Then we find our hair in our face. Or the humidity jumped and we look like a frizz ball.

This is when we just want our hair GONE.

We found the prettiest, most convenient solution: a hair tie bangle!

Hair tie bangles that you can wear as a fashion accessory with the convenience of a pony tail holder on hand - literally!

It's a wooden bangle with a groove in the middle for a pony tail holder. So you can literally have a hair tie "on hand" whenever you need it.

We purchased these wood bracelets unfinished so I've been experimenting with some designs.

Above is a a pecan wood stain accented with a blue wood tint. I love this classic look. How about you?

Painted stencil wood bangle bracelet with a groove for a pony tail holder - a fashion accessory and hair accessory in one

Here I used a stencil on the inside. It was a little tricky but it helps to use self-adhesive stencils. 

wood bangle decorated with Mod Podge, scrapbook paper and Folk Art blue wood tint. A fun and whimsical way to wear a hair tie at work

I'm a sucker for Mod Podge as many of you may have experienced if you received a Pampered Teacher box with the worlds best decoupage and a book of Podgeable Paper. You can also see our previous post on Mod Podge classroom activities.

Below is a stack of all four DIY wooden bangle designs that I created. The top uses black chalkboard paint. So, of course, I had to add a little message. How fun, right!

DIY wooden bangle bracelets from Pampered Teacher being featured in upcoming subscription boxes based on subscriber's style preferences - will only go to teachers who use accessories for long hair

Don't they just look like a delicious stack of macaroons?

And in case you're wondering, these special bracelets will be featured in upcoming subscription boxes. They are already ear-marked for current subscribers who indicated in their style preferences that they use accessories for long hair.

But if they're a hit, I'll certainly order and make more!

I still need to make the rest of the bangles that I ordered so I'd love to know which style you like best - blue stain with black on the inside, painted stencil, Mod Podge print, or the natural stain with blue wood tint.

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