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Back to School Gifts

Back to School teacher gifts, apple themed ideas for students or family to give to teachers, check them out at PamperedTeacher.com

It seems like back to school supplies were in stores as soon as last school year ended. If you're anything like me, you have avoided them because even a great deal on glue sticks cannot justify more school supplies being stored in my home for the summer.

But now that we've turned the corner on August - and some districts really are back to school already - it's time to think about the fun stuff like teacher gifts.

The approaching month of September has always been symbolized by apples and fists full of freshly sharpened pencils. And though this time of year can bring on mixed feelings of longing for summer vacation, and looking forward to a new beginning, let's have some fun preparing for the inevitable.

Apple Themed Teacher Gifts

1. Apple Paper Craft

This fun little paper pinwheel is surprisingly easy to make, even for elementary students.

Cut a strip of red scrapbook paper 12" x 1" 

Accordion fold it back and forth, about 1/4" in width

Glue the ends together

To keep the center contained - it will want to pop up on you - cut a 1" round piece of paper or felt and glue it to the back with hot glue.

Cut a toothpick for the stem and color it with a brown marker

Accordion fold a 1" x 2" piece of green scrapbook paper and pinch and tape one end together.

Assemble and glue in a frame! 

2. Homemade Apple Caramel Recipe

If you're thinking of bringing an apple to the teacher, adding caramel for dipping is a delicious touch.

Side note: The last time I went to buy hot fudge at the store I happened to read the ingredients and couldn't bring myself to make the purchase. I instead looked up an excellent, all-natural recipe to make it with sweetened condensed milk. The following recipe is derived from my hot fudge recipe.

1/4 cup Brown Sugar

1 can (14oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk  

1/2 cup Butterscotch Chips

2 Tb. Butter

Heat the first three ingredients in a saucepan until sugar is dissolved and chips melt.

Remove from heat.

Stir in butter.


To make it giftable, transfer to a small mason jar and add one of the mason jar lid graphics from Pampered Teacher!

Right click on the image to download.

Mason Jar lid graphics free printable for Back to School teacher gifts from Pampered Teacher



3. Apple Teacher Keychain

Apple shaped frame keychain from Pampered Teacher - the perfect back-to-school gift for teachers under $10

Pampered Teacher sells these adorable apple-shaped frame keychains that parents or students can decorate.

To take it a step further, we created cute designs that you can download, print and insert into the keychain.

Right click on the image below to download the apple-shaped graphic inserts for the keychains.

Free printable apple shaped inserts for the Pampered Teacher apple charm keychain, great teacher gifts under $10 with free shipping

4. Apple Caramel Cosmo Creations

Teachers love a yummy treat during their day, especially one that's peanut-free and classroom friendly! These delicious snacks make a sweet addition to any apple themed teacher gift! 

Don't even get me started on dipping these into the caramel sauce. Way too amazing!

Caramel Apple crisps from Cosmos Creations make a great addition to apple themed teacher gifts and are proudly featured in the Pampered Teacher subscription boxes

Pampered Teacher is proud to be featuring Caramel Apple Crisps from Cosmos Creations in our back to school subscription boxes!

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