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Pampered Planner: Happy New Year

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Find inspiration for teacher, quotes, fashion, outfits and classroom ideas

Happy New Year!

Though January never really feels like a new year in the classroom - maybe more of a halfway point, we still had to say it! And we mean it.

At Pampered Teacher, we're ringing in 2017 with some very cool ideas such as a new format for our blog posts.

Instead of giving you one long idea, we're going to treat our posts like a mini news feed for teachers. 

Expect a glance at lots of things that you really care about, such as teacher outfits, lunch ideas, classroom decorating inspiration and, you guessed it, some positive inspiration...because isn't that what we all need anyway (and like a million bucks, but hey, we can't have it all).

So let's get started!

Planning Your Apparel

Teacher outfits | new collar fashion bow versus ruffle which will you choose for your work wardrobe Have you tried out the latest collar fashion - bow collars and ruffle collars. If you were alive in the 80s, this is nothing new, but we still love them!

Give some flare to your work wardrobe, cover up curling wand burns or just try something new!

 Plan Your Chow

New year, new diet? If so, have you seen the documentary Fat Head? It's sort of the rebuttal to Super Size Me. We love it because it keeps the finger pointing to the mirror and not an outside institution. We agree - own your decisions. There's probably something along those lines in Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.

Anyway, the 411 on the foodie movie is that carbs are very bad and animal fat won't make you fat. Whaaaaaat?

Yeah, it's true. Skip the bread and just go for the butter...or something like that.

Check out the show, and pick up some coconut oil on your next grocery outing.

Plan Your Classroom

14 ways to celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday | Classroom activities and craft ideas for February

This month we hit the 100th day of school. Yay! What have you planned?

What about a 100th day quilt with 6" x 6" construction paper squares. Each square with a different number (obviously), made from a different thing - like pom poms, noodles, stickers - get creative!

Thinking month many classrooms celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. Need some fun ideas? Check out the Pampered Teacher post on Dr. Seuss crafts

Plan For Happiness

Go deserve a smile.

teacher quote

We hope you like the new format. Feedback is always welcome.

And if you'd like to treat yourself to inspiration via the US postal service, be sure to check out Pampered Teacher subscription boxes!

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