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Teacher Gifts for Life Outside of the Classroom

teacher gift ideas for life outside of the classroom; teachers have hobbies and interests besides laminating and grading papers; get holiday gift ideas from Pampered Teacher blog

Contrary to some beliefs - like that of their students - teachers do not actually live in their classroom and sleep under their desk.

The don't solely live for laminating, stapling reams of paper onto cork boards or making copies.

And while they have been spotted enjoying a cup of coffee or delighting in color-coding their book bins, teachers are real people, with real lives. The whole "teach, grade, sleep, repeat" mantra is a bit of an exaggeration, though sometimes it doesn't feel that way.

If you get to know a teacher well enough you might find out they love animals, cupcakes or knitting. They may even own an RV or a rescue dog or an ice cream parlor. 

Yes, they love Sharpies, gel pens and glue sticks more than your average adult, but they also love their life outside of the classroom, too.

So in the spirit of the holidays, supporting small businesses and saying thank you to all our awesome teachers, Pampered Teacher would like to share some teacher gift ideas for teacher's other side - their fun side.

These suggestions are not necessarily for students to buy for their teacher, but ideas for loved ones of teachers.

 Gifts for Teachers Who Love Dogs

Gift ideas for teachers who have a dog! Shop for bone shaped dog birthday party supplies and surprise your teacher with a four-legged friend

Last Christmas I bought my brother's dog - cutest little Westie named Finn - a bag of homemade dog treats. I seriously was tempted to eat them myself. My brother was polite and appreciative, but I wasn't totally convinced the treats were a good idea. 

His was a reaction kind of like when people give my kids a sugary treat and I sigh in defeat.

Bottom line is that dog owners may or may not want treats for their dog. 

But if you want to get a dog lover a gift that's totally unique and really cool, check out Pawsome Doggie. They're an online shop for dog party supplies and home to the original dog bone birthday candle. Pet owners love to celebrate their dog's birthday and you can surprise your teacher with a silicone bone-shaped cake pan, the afore mentioned candles, paw print treat bags and more! Heck, you'll be guaranteed an invite to the party!

Gifts for Teachers who Love to Entertain

Holiday gift ideas for teachers who love to entertain. Little White Dish online store offers elegant and contemporary bone china to mix and match

Is your favorite teacher also a host or hostess extraordinaire? Does he or she love to fuss over food prep, and demand perfect presentation?

If so, they will love Little White Dish, an online shop for elegant and contemporary bone china dish-ware that's easy to mix and match.

And did you know, the desktop podium from Pampered Teacher is more commonly used as a cookbook stand! Truth.

solid wood cookbook stand also serves as a copyholder and book rests - a versatile gift for teachers!

Teachers Who Love the Outdoors

Holiday gift ideas for teachers who love the outdoors. Find titanium rings and bands with outdoor themed prints like antlers, buffalo, camouflage and more

 If you know a teacher who loves the outdoors - one might even say they're married to nature - then I recommend you check out Camo Ever After. They specialize in rings for outdoor enthusiasts. Their engraved patterns range from antlers and barbed wire to ball stitching and military camo.

Teachers Who Love to Travel

There are those who like to get a cabin in the Adirondacks every summer and those who have a long bucket list of exotic places. Both can be fun to shop for!

But, if your teacher friend plans to spend their holiday break in warm climate this year, you better get her a mosquito net. Tedderfields makes a high quality mosquito net that comes with a cute travel bag, supplies for hanging your net and very clear instructions.

Premium queen size mosquito net Christmas gift idea for teachers who love to travel during school breaks. See all ideas on the Pampered Teacher blog

I'm confident in my recommendation because I actually own one of these nets and used it on my patio this summer. Trust me, jet-setters will appreciate the piece of mind that comes with mosquito protection while sleeping - especially in this age of Zika virus!

Teachers Who Are New Parents

 Did your son or daughters teacher recently have a baby? Instead of a teacher gift, what about a little something to congratulate them on their bundle of joy!

Just added to the Pampered Teacher store - a pocket prayer for new parents

Wishing you and your a wonderful holiday season!

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