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Are you a Teacher with a Side Hustle?

Pampered Teacher's new marketplace for teachers to sell items they make, design or manufacture. Support our teachers!
A principal once shared some important wisdom with me. He said, "people who work with people (such as educators), do not get to see proof of their effort for a long time. So many of them work with their hands on their off time to see tangible results and get work satisfaction.

We totally get it. And so we have an idea.

Through the success of Pampered Teacher over the last 2 years that we've been in business, we know that Americans appreciate their teachers. We've been humbled by the gracious gifts we've sent to teachers from all across the US, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
Therefore we want to give people another way to support our teachers: a marketplace where teachers can sell their own products.
Teacher shop for products made by American teachers, support our educators

Before we embark on an undertaking such as this, we want to know if in deed there are teachers who would want to set themselves apart in a niche marketplace exclusively for teacher vendors.

Secondly, we want to know how we can provide a marketplace that fits your needs. 

To get the dialog going, we've created an eight question survey to gauge interest and gather information on how we could best serve sellers.

Take the Quick Marketplace Survey

Please click this link to access the survey. It'll be quick. 

We thank you in advance for your help and interest.

And if you know a teacher with his or her own product(s), please share this post with them. Much appreciated!!

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