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DIY Cufflink Kit
DIY Cufflink Kit

DIY Cufflink Kit

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Every guy has a few pairs of cufflinks in the top drawer of his dresser. How many have a customized, personalized, special pair made by a favorite student, son or daughter, wife, girlfriend, or friend? Not enough!

Now you and your children can design your own cufflinks to show the guys in your life what they mean to you. Make them classy, make them goofy, any way he will love them!

These make a great gift for the guy teachers, principals, fathers, grandfathers in your life.

  • Personalized gift for your dad to wear while he walks you down the aisle? Check!
  • Special gift for the guy taking you to prom? Check!
  • Got your son/daughter's teacher a holiday gift, need something for the principal? Check!
  • A gift that's not a tie or coffee mug for Father's day? Check!

Kit includes:

  • 2 blank, stainless steel cufflinks - 5/8" in diameter
  • 4 white round stickers for decorating
  • 2 Epoxy stickers to protect the design and give a finished look