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Shop for the #1 subscription box for teachers, unique teacher gifts, and DIY gifts that students can design and decorate. Saying thank you and showing appreciation for your favorite teacher can be a challenge. At Pampered Teacher we know you are looking for something special, from the heart, that will brighten a teacher's day. Shop our collections for useful and memorable gifts that can only be found here.

Our teacher gifts include thoughtful items ranging in price from less than $10 to subscription boxes that come each month.

Is there a teacher in your life that you want to treat?This could be the person who helps your child succeed in school, your daughter who lives out of town, a loved oner who is entering their first year of teaching, or veteran teacher who is retiring. 

The passion of a teacher runs deep and so does the thought behind the gifts featured on the Pampered Teacher store. Shop today to find that perfect gift!