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2018 Springtime Teacher Appreciation Gift Box

Springtime & Teacher Appreciation Box

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Did you know that about 92.4% of all teachers spend their own money on their students and classrooms?
And did you also know that 20% of all public school teachers have more than one job?
Did you know that most teachers leave the profession because of low salary?

All the items in this box are springtime themed, and say "Thank You" to the teachers who work so hard with our children every day. They make a perfect end of year gift for your special teacher.

Don't give her a generic coffee mug, tie, or gift card this year. Give the gift that's thoughtfully crafted by teachers, and designed for teachers. Each box contains items that will make any teacher feel pampered and special, are spring themed, and fun classroom items.

We will continue to offer these boxes through the end of the school year, and will ship as orders come in.