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Teacher Gift Box Lite
Teacher Gift Box Lite

Teacher Gift Box Lite

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You want to thank the teacher or teachers in your life for doing an awesome job. Maybe you have 3 kids in school, and don't want to have to spend a fortune. But you don't want to give the same boring, impersonal gift card and coffee mug gift as every other kid, either.

This, my friend, is no gift card! This is a box with 4-5 items, hand selected by teachers, for teachers. Each box contains an assortment of gifts that are handy for the classroom (things that teachers actually need and will use), and gifts that will make that special teacher feel pampered. 

Contents of the boxes will vary, of course, based on the price of individual items, but might include things like homemade lotions or soaps, clothing or hair accessories, jewelry, hand made push pins or special paperclips, and items for a teacher's desktop. We make an effort in every box to include at least one item from an artisan crafter, supporting our nation's small businesses.

Don't show a teacher how much you care by picking up a $20 gift card for Big Chain Restaurant while you're waiting in line to checkout at the grocery store.  Get them a box from Pampered Teacher with things they will truly enjoy, and have it shipped straight to their classroom! Your child can watch them open it, and all the other teachers and students will be jealous. Now we can't guarantee an A on your child's next assignment, but this certainly won't hurt!

This box will contain many of the same items as the larger Springtime Box, and both boxes together for the same teacher would be repeating many items.

This box will ship on April 30, along with the Springtime Box, and will arrive in time for Teacher Appreciation Week.