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Gift Boxes for Teachers

Subscribe to the Pampered Teacher subscription box; delivering inspiration, style and classroom supplies to teachers who love fashion


Teachers, both male and female, keep up with the latest styles and get products that make your life easier! We're here to pamper you with things that will brighten your day.

Pampered Teacher selects products for each box such as fashion accessories, jewelry, pampering products and classroom items that are all seasonally appropriate and tailored to the personal preferences of our customers. Each box comes with a description for each item.
We make an effort in every box to include items from artisan crafters, supporting our nation's small businesses.

It's the perfect way to celebrate your awesomeness, because we know how hard you work.  
And don't forget, $5 shipping on all orders!

Just answer a few questions about yourself so we have an understanding about what you like and need, then watch for a box full of goodies to be delivered to you!

"I just got my first #pamperedteacher box in the mail! I love it!!"

~Bridget, Germantown, MD


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