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Printable Cards and Downloads

teacher day cards from students #teacherappreciationweek from Pampered Teacher | Instant Printable download of 3 card sizesThe #1 "gift" teachers say they love to receive from their students is a handwritten note.
Now you can download and print these adorable teacher cards from Pampered Teacher! 
Thank you cards for teachers that are printable and instantly downloadable. 
Let your teacher know how much he or she means to you!!
Send in a note for back to school, a successful field trip, a hit school play or just to say thank you. Our modern designs are applicable all year and can really make a difference in the relationship you have with your son or daughter's teacher.
When student's get older - middle school and high school, you may not think the teacher's want to hear from parents - they do! 
Nothing could be as quick and easy to show your commitment and appreciation.
Remember Teacher Appreciation Day can be celebrated any day!
Teacher Appreciation Week is always the first full week of May. 
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