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Teacher Gifts

Sometimes you want to give a teacher a little gift of appreciation, a token of gratitude that's something she is sure to put to good use.
For those of you who want to say thank you with some useful classroom supplies, pampering products or a gift-filled goodie bag, Pampered Teacher is proud to offer everything you need to say thank you to your favorite teacher.

Need the Perfect Class gift?

Choose the Pampered Teacher subscription box filled with handpicked teacher gifts that she will love and use! Fashion accessories, jewelry, classroom supplies, healthy snacks and inspiration are the best way to thank the teacher who has worked hard all year!

At checkout we ask personal preference questions that help us select gifts that are just right for the recipient. If you're unsure of the answer, indicate that you'd like a crowd-please box and we'll curate the gift box will tried and true products that teacher's need and love no matter if they're in their first year of teaching or experienced teachers.

You can even include a personalize note to capture the appreciation and let the recipient know exactly who has brought smiles to his or her day.

Want a Gift that Students Can Make?

Try one of our DIY gifts that students can decorate for their teacher. Teacher's treasure these handmade, thoughtful gifts that come from a student's heart. That's why Pampered Teacher has created craft kits that can be purchased and customized by parent and students together. It's the best way to spend quality time with your kids while teaching them the virtues of showing appreciation for the hard work of their teacher.

Give children the experience of creating and designing a personal work of art that they will be proud to give to their teacher, coach or principal!