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I Heart Public Schools Car Decal

I Heart Public Schools Car Decal

$ 6.99 $ 9.99

Want to be the coolest teacher in the school parking lot? Show your pride in America's public education system and be the envy of the rest of the faculty! Now more than ever we must show our support our public school system, teachers, administrators, staff, parents and students!

This vinyl transfer decal is 5" W x 3.5" H

Color = White

To be applied to rear car windshield, laptop, window

How to Apply the I Love Public Schools Car Decal

To apply a transfer sticker, remove it from the paper backing by peeling away the transfer tape. The tape will hold the individual pieces of your sticker design in place while you position it on your desired surface. Once your sticker is positioned correctly you can press the transfer tape onto a surface to adhere it. Next use a credit card to apply pressure to the entire design to make sure it's fully adhered. Finally, slowly peel the transfer tape away at a diagonal angle to leave the sticker adhered.

If you’re having trouble, let it sit for 24 hours before removing the transfer tape. This gives your sticker time to adhere more strongly to the surface and makes it easier to remove the tape while leaving the design intact.

This makes a great teacher gift from the PTA or PTO or a gift for the parents of public school children!

We're not saying we don't love private or charter schools, but we know that our public schools have come under fire as of late. There is concern with the appointment of Betsy DeVos as secretary of Education, and at the same time public education has been an awesome right and privilege of our citizens. We thank our country and all those involved for giving the gift of free education to generations of Americans.

As the owners of Pampered Teacher, we send our children to public schools and pimp out our car with this cool white transfer decal (a bumper sticker for your rear windshield). If you drive a dark colored car, truck or mini van, this vinyl decal can be applied to the paint. 


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